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I’m really enjoying receiving your cross stitch questions and answering them each week, so please do keep asking. No question is too big or too small, I love them all (and hey, I even rhymed!) This week’s question is a fun sort of question….

I noticed you use evenweaves and linens more than aida, but what is your favorite fabric to cross stitch on?

Ah, the joy of choosing a fabric for your next project! I love it <3

I do prefer evenweave fabrics and if you'd look in my stash cabinet you would see that 99% of my currently owned pieces are hand-dyed from Silkweaver Fabrics, which was recently purchased out by Zweigart Fabrics. So, the short easy answer is my favorite fabric comes from Zweigart Fabrics!

To be specific, from Zweigart I really like their Jubilee evenweave fabric and their Belfast Linen fabric. I have quite a few of both of those in my stash cabinet and I enjoy stitching on them both.

If you’re making the switch from aida to evenweaves, Jubilee is a nice smooth evenweave that is easy to make the transition on and I highly recommend it as a “newbie” evenweave.

==> Click here for my guide to getting started stitching on evenweaves!

Happy Stitching!
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I’ve been a cross stitcher since I was 8 years old. It was something I learned as a Girl Scout when we did a project for a badge related to crafts and the group choose to cross stitch a holiday design on a red sweatshirt using waste canvas. (Talk about hard first project, that was such a pain!) I was one of the first ones finished and I’ve had a needle in my hand almost every day since then.


  1. Since finishing my last project, I love the look and feel of evenweave. Aida’s fine but evenweave adds a little touch of class, in my opinion. Thanks to your help and input, I’ll be starting my daughter’s stocking on evenweave this weekend!

    • I agree with you 100 percent. If any bit of the fabric is going to show through the stitching I say use evenweave all the way ;)

      I’m so glad you found the perfect fabric for your stocking project!

  2. I love evenweave as well. Another site to order hand-dyed fabrics from is Picture This Plus. They are a little more expensive, but the customer service is wonderful. I inquired about which fabric would be best to replace a piece of black aida. Marilyn & Shari responded within the day, giving a break down of the different color variants that went in to each of the 4 colors I asked about!

    • I haven’t tried PTP yet, but I always hear good things about them. Hmm…. do I need more stash this week? ;)

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