Liberty and Justice Sampler Cross Stitch Chart of the Week

So life in the United States has been interesting lately – our wars seem to be growing, our government seems to be bickering amongst themselves inconsiderately like your relatives might after having too many drinks at the late night holiday party, and for a brief moment there we were wondering if our amazingly brave military men and women would receive their paychecks. All of this brings out beautiful and loving support from the rest of the country (and friends from other countries) and I’m pretty sure we saw a little more red, white and blue than we usually see in the middle of April.

So, I’ve been poking around looking for sampler style red, white and blue to share and I found this lovely chart from Tempting Tangles called Liberty & Justice For All. I love it when I see a new twist on an old style, samplers are just so much fun this way. The model pictured was stitched on 32 Ct. Natural Raw linen with Crescent Colours and/or DMC floss. Stitch Count is 193 x 233.

… and while we’re talking about patriotic cross stitch I’d like to point out a news article in the Winston-Salem Journal, Rural Hall woman seeks cross stitchers for memorials, this is with regards to the American Soldier Memorial Project. Women all around the country are stitching beautiful memorials for the families of our fallen soldiers. If you would like to get involved and participate in this program you can join the Yahoo Group at this address: where you will find all the instructions for participation, pattern suggestions and framing ideas, and advice for finding the family members of the soldier once you are finished stitching.

I just joined the group myself yesterday and this is something I am hoping to stitch at least one memorial this year. I only wish I could stitch hundreds and give one to each family. The article above mentions:

Nationwide, about 6,000 names are on the list, waiting for cross-stitched memorials. About 1,000 memorials nationwide have been stitched and delivered by some 263 cross-stitchers across the country.

My single memorial will barely make a dent in that list, but together as a stitching community we can stitch hundreds and present these families with a lovely gift to let them know their soldier has not been forgotten and that we appreciate the sacrifice made not only by the soldier, but by their family as well.

Kind Regards and Happy Stitching,

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I didn’t know there was such a group, or the need they have for more stitchers. I’m going to pass it on…

    • I just read about it for the fist time the other day too, was poking around the message board at 123stitch and someone shared the link to the article – I joined the Yahoo group and I am surprised there aren’t more stitchers participating.

      They also have a seperate group for machine embroidery stitchers, I sent that link to my mom to join since that’s what she does and she has multiple machines.

      • I think there would be more people participating if they knew about it. Evidently this group is now getting flooded with new members. (I joined after reading your blog too) So those of your reading this…please be patient while the moderators respond.

        • It was mentioned at 123stitch on their message board also, so hopefully between the two sites we sent them some good stitchers! Definitely give the moderators time to get to everyone’s requests – yahoo groups can be really time consuming!

  2. Lisa Marie Mary says:

    So emotional, I am. This post made me tear up. That’s an awesome and wonderful thing for you and other stitchers to do!!!

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