Brushstroke Butterflies by Barb H.

Not long after I posted the announcement of this month’s special stash grab bag giveaway for those who have stitched Brushstroke Butterfly I received a lovely email from Barb H., who has stitched not one, not two, not a few, but eight Brushstroke Butterflies! And they are all amazing, wow! You might recognize a few from the quilt project I posted a photo of awhile ago.

Here are pictures of the 8 brushstroke butterflies that I’ve stitched for various charity quilts. Two of mine are on the quilt that Muskokalynn did for her friend. A number of the butterflies have gone to the Breast Cancer quilt projects and another to a Coles Quilts project, and a couple more for individual quilts.

Check out these beautiful photos she sent me:
Brushstroke Butterfly3 by BarbH Brushstroke Butterfly2 by BarbH

Brushstroke Butterfly8 by BarbH Brushstroke Butterfly7 by BarbH

Brushstroke Butterfly6 by BarbH Brushstroke Butterfly5 by BarbH

Brushstroke Butterfly4 by BarbH Brushstroke Butterfly by BarbH

If you’ve stitched Brushstroke Butterfly make sure to enter the grab bag giveaway and submit your pictures too. If you haven’t stitched it yet, there’s still plenty of time left in April if you’d like to give it a try. (By the way, in case you’re keeping count – that’s 16 entries in the giveaway for Barb!)

Happy Stitching!

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