Shopping for Out of Print Cross Stitch Patterns

written by by Rebecca Williamson for Stitching the Night Away

I was pondering a question the other day as I shelled out $59 for an out of print cross stitch pattern–what is the best way to find these “hard-to-find” cross stitching charts? The best way I’ve found so far is an auction site, such as or

Another way to go about acquiring some of these charts at lower prices is to compile a stash “wish list”. For my own personal list, I created a free photo hosting account and found pictures of all the things I wanted. Then, I post them on the message boards I frequent and, every now and then, there is a nice cross stitcher willing to “enable” and will sell you a used chart off your list for a low price, or even trade for something you have that might be on their list.

There are other way to locate these charts, too, but most of them require good old fashioned luck. Thrift shops will sometimes have some charts and garage/yard sales is another place you might just happen upon these rare goodies!

No matter what method you choose, just remember that, although they might be hard to find, SOMEONE has them, so don’t give up!

– Special Thanks to one of our founding members, Rebecca Williamson, for this great tip article on finding out of print cross stitch charts!

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  1. had a booklet, 1 pattern , of a old fashion church with a steeple, covered in snow depicting a night scene on black fabric.around the mid t1980’s, i would dearly love to find this pattern and have spent hours looking for it.I don’t know what artist or company published it,was wondering if there was any help you could give me, an open forum or anything really

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