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Hey stitchy friends, I really need your help to answer this stitchquery. Jacky is asking about floss organization – and I don’t keep a floss stash so I can’t really answer the question properly.

She’s currently using floss bags and is looking for a better method of organizing all that floss. (img below shows Facebook community conversation)

Of course I know the different options available, but I can’t speak to how well each one works. So, I hope you can help Jacky out. Leave a comment below and tell us how you organize your floss stash. I look forward to hearing from everyone.

Happy Stitching!

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  1. I use bobbins and have been for 24 yrs. Takes time to wrap them, but keeps them tangle- free and organized.

  2. I have mine on bobbins and keep them in plastic boxes with the dividers. I organize them by color. Greens together, reds together, etc.

  3. I use floss bags. I keep them on large rings – 100’s on their own ring; 200’s on their own ring; 300’s on their ring, etc. All these are in a large rubbermaid tub. Has always worked well for me.

  4. Hi,
    I keep all my floss on bobbins. I have a large stash of floss because there isn’t any place close by to buy floss and I hate it when I don’t have the right color to start a new project.

    Three years ago my husband built me a reproduction spoon chest. It has 6 large shallow drawers, just tall enought for bobbins. I had my husband make dividers to hold the bobbins in place.

    If you have a handy husband that likes to work in wood, I can send you a link that offers the spool chest kit.


  5. I have tried DMC stitchbows but decided I don’t like them. I have been using Thread Tux ( and LOVE them. They fit nicely in regular 3 ring binders. I get fat binders that zip all the way around, makes for nice compact storage. I don’t know why more stitchers don’t use them. I could never see myself spending hours winding floss on bobbins. With Thread Tux, you don’t have to do anything with the skein but put it in the bag and put them in order in the binder. The # label shows through the clear bag.

  6. Phyllis Walker says:

    I recently bought a box of photo pages that holds 3 1/2 x 5 photos.
    (4 to a page). I put my floss bags into each of those pockets and then I have the pages in zipper note books. One is WDW, one GAST, one Crescent Colors, etc. I really like this system as I can flip the pages and see the names, colors, numbers or however you choose to file them.
    I keep an inventory sheet in a single page protector in the front of each for easy reference. The photo pages are Cline brand.

  7. I use the Floss Away bags – they’re filed in Rubbermaid type shoeboxes (I think I’m up to 8 boxes). I like that method because any kind of floss fits them, you can put short lengths back in the bag, and you don’t have to spend time winding.

    When I start a project, I go thru and pull the bags out that pertain to that project, put them on a set of rings, and off I go. Since I tend to have multiple projects going, I sometimes end up needing to get another skein of a color to put it with both projects. When the project is finished, I re-file the colors, and, if necessary, combine the bags.

  8. lots of good ideas coming up here!

  9. I have mostly used the Floss bags, each color group by number on it’s own ring, so I can easily find whatever color I am looking for. I tried the bobbin system, but found the winding very time consuming and did not like the kinks in my floss, though I did see a very cool new organizer for the bobbins system that hangs on a door, making evergthing visible at a glance. I don’t know how many each one holds, so I may not have enough doors in my house, lol.

  10. I also use floss bobbins, and have done so for at least 25 years of stitching. I keep the floss bobbins in plastic containers with dividers, and put them in order according to numerical order, which is usually also keeping similar colors close to each other. I find it easier to find a color by number. Write the color number on the corner of the floss bobbin that will be showing.

  11. I also use bobbins. I have a floss cabinet that someone handmade and carved that holds one bobbin of each color and then I have those plastic storage boxes where I keep another bobbin of each color. When my cabinet runs out of a color I replace it with the one from the storage box and I put the empty bobbin in my wallet so that I will have instant access to the DMC numbers I need next time I am shopping! I tried the bags but just couldn’t get it to work for me.

  12. I also have mine on bobbins and keep them organized in boxes, I organize them by brand, one box per each brand, and then by number.

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