My Family Tree is Chart of the Week

I love finding charts like this one, My Family Tree (by a company called The Family Tree) where you personalize with your family information.

It’s a simple pattern requiring only your favorite fabric, 10 DMC thread colors and, of course, your family information. It sort of reminds me of the posters my kids made when they were helping organize family tree information for school reports.

==> Click here to get the chart and supplies to stitch My Family Tree

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  1. Emma via STNA's Facebook Fan Page says:

    I would need a forest in order for all of my family to fit on a tree

  2. Amy via STNA's Facebook Fan Page says:


  3. Sharon 1220 says:

    I did this chart several years ago. It’s not hard to do. There is a lot of white space. I actually have a missing great-grandfather, so I stitched the branch and leaves up to both sides of the box and ended them just like I had all the others. Then I added more branch and maybe a leaf or two by themselves, so I can take that section out if and when the elusive man ever gets found. It’s hard to see where the missing name should be, so don’t be afraid to stitch a family heirloom with one twig missing.

    As for Emma, this tree just shows your direct line ancestors, parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents.

  4. I thought this would be great, but I have 40+ cousins and my tree would need a lot of “roots” got me to thinking I kinda sorta remember seeing a family tree with roots too! So……can’t remember if it was a stitched project!!!But i would want to do it as a wall quilt as it would be too many for smaller project! I would have to do king size if i do both sides of the family! We traced it back to the 1400’s on one side and 1700 on the other!;D
    Just the thought of the time it would take my whole retirement and i’m not tere yet!lol

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