Cross Stitch Pattern Clubs are Coming!

The new year will bring lots of new things here at Stitching the Night Away. There will be more free cross stitch patterns, more book reviews, more fun and inspiring ideas, more interviews with the stitching community. We’re also going to have pattern clubs!

The first pattern club to open up will be the ornament pattern club, starting in January. The basic plan is that there will be ornament patterns sent to the group each month, I haven’t decided if we’ll do one ornament or two ornaments per month yet. The patterns that go out to the pattern club will be exclusive to those groups and not posted on the site. Pattern club members will also get some extra special bonuses and goodies.

But, I want to take a quick poll here before I lay out the final plans for the ornament pattern club and find out what would be best for you. Would you prefer to see one ornament pattern per month or one every two weeks for two a month? Or maybe alternate and have one pattern the first month, two patterns the second month, one pattern the third month, so on and so forth for a total of 18 patterns for the year?

Leave a comment below with your thoughts and ideas for this new addition to the site. It’s going to be YOUR club too so your feedback really counts here.
Thank you for supporting Stitching the Night Away! I appreciate you πŸ™‚

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  1. I think its a lot of work, and I’d be very happy with 1 a month. πŸ™‚

  2. I agree, 1 a month.

  3. I agree, too. Once a month would be best.

  4. One a month would be great!

  5. Once a month sounds great. Is this something that we have to sign up for?

  6. Lori Winslow says:

    I agree that one per month will be plenty to get done, especially if there will be additional clubs.

  7. Sharon 1220 says:

    I’m also voting for one a month. This year, I was in a bookmark club of one a month, and I haven’t made even one of them yet. Oh well, at least I have the pattern and fabric when I get ready to make them.

  8. I think one a month would be plenty….that would leave time for other projects in there too. What other clubs are you thinking about? What kind of fee range are you looking at for them? (Gotta be sure to add that to the budget hehe)

  9. Vicki. Meade says:

    It sound interesting. I would like more info about cost, type ornaments. I think one a month would be plenty…..and if more are available..make it an option to get.
    Thanks, Vicki

  10. One a month is plenty for me.

  11. I agree, one a month would be fine.

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