Working on Stitching Something

found-stitched-wordI can’t say exactly what that something is just yet, but here’s a little bitty piece of it. I’ve got some time scheduled into my day for the next few days to work on this and hopefully finish it up within the course of the week so you can see the rest of it 😉

In addition to this little project I’m also doing some stash shopping and some stash reorganization this week. It feels great to be fully immersed in my stitching again, the past few weeks I’ve been neglecting it and I’ve missed it.

What are you stitching right now?

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  1. I have been organizing my stash too. I realized that buying cute patterns, nice thread and adorable fabric is useless if I cannot find it when I need it or put it away without too much fuss. Plus, staying organized helps keep me from accidentally purchasing duplicates of stuff I already have but did not know I had *lol*


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