Are You Missing Facebook Conversations?

facebook-conversationsWhen we took down the old Stitching the Night Away we moved over to a Facebook community because it seemed like an easy spam-free solution for the group. And it was working out fabulously until very recently when Facebook made some huge changes on how pages you’ve liked are delivered to your newsfeed.

It’s all full of technical mumbo-jumbo about algorithms, and if you’re interested you can check out the details in this explanation by SIM Partners. The bottom line of it all is that Facebook wanted page managers to pay money to reach the people that have liked their page, so they basically hide those pages from your main news stream on the homepage. Page updates were only reaching 10 to 20% of the people who liked the page or brand and were seeing a decline in activity as a result.

That’s part of why our weekly “what are you stitching?” threads on the weekends have seemed so quiet lately, a lot of folks just aren’t seeing the conversation happen. Having replies, shares, and likes on a post does help, but it’s still not reaching everyone that it used to so they’re missing the conversation unless they come directly to the page.

After page managers and general Facebook users complained a bunch, they came up with an easy fix to the problem that only takes a few seconds to adjust so you can see the pages you’ve truly liked and want to receive updates from without those page managers paying a small fortune to Facebook.

Visit the Facebook page (
Click on the Liked box
Check mark next to “Get Notifications”
Also, check mark next to Show in News Feed


And of course, also visit your other favorite cross stitch pages on Facebook as well and make sure you’re seeing their updates. If it seems like you haven’t seen a favorite brand or shop say anything over there in awhile, this could be part of the reason. Stop by their page and pay them a visit, chances are they’re still there but Facebook has been hiding them from you for the past few months.

The “Get Notifications” option is also available under the Subscribed box that is usually connected to the Liked box …. it doesn’t show up on my screen capture of the STNA page because I’m the page creator there but may show up on other pages depending on their page settings.

Thank you again for being part of the Stitching the Night Away community ~ I appreciate each and every “like” that is received and I look forward to chatting with you both here on the blog and over at Facebook.

Happy Stitching!

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  1. Great post, Loretta. It’s been very frustrating to see such minimal interaction on my TJBdesigns page since FB went to the pay to promote system. Hope this brings people back.

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