The Pictures Are Great, But Where’s Loretta?

I know, I haven’t really posted much of anything this week. I want to say thank you for all the great notes that have landed in my inbox wondering what’s up and why there was no blog hop or chart of the week.

I suffered a bit of a carpal tunnel flare up after working on some lengthy rush files for a client in my transcription business. That of course cut down my stitching time and my blogging time quite a bit while I let my wrist recover. I figured better to just let it pass than to try to do my normal workload and just prolong the frustration and discomfort.

I did manage a few stitches thanks to my stitching stand making it easy to stitch comfortably, but not nearly as much progress as I would have liked. So I don’t have any stitching photos, tips or articles to share with you today, but I do have pictures of these pretty tulips that my husband sent me out of the blue for no particular reason…
These pretty tulips just showed up at my door. Yes, my husband is awesometastic <3 The tulips Brian sent me are even prettier today <3 Tulips are opening up :-)

So even though it’s snowing outside this afternoon I can pretend it’s spring with all the warm coziness 🙂

I hope you’re having a great week and staying warm and dry wherever you’re at. Again, thank you so much for all the great notes that I’ve received asking how I’m doing, it is so appreciated!

About Loretta

Passionate stitcher. Mom of four amazing young men. Wife to a comic book geek who makes me smile every day. Transcriptionist by trade. Gluten-free by necessity. Writer at heart. Seeker of knowledge and reader of novels. Dreamer of big colorful creative dreams.


  1. Mike Stewart says:

    Loretta, Sorry to hear that you weren’t feeling well. Since I’m not familiar with how your blog works, I took it as the normal January slowdown. Working a little more on what makes money to pay for Christmas. That being said I’m glad you’re feeling somewhat better. I know how Carpal Tunnel can mess things up. I’ll keep a good thought for you while you mend.

    Peace and hugs from PA,

  2. Brandy via STNA's Facebook Fan Page says:

    Hope you heal up soon.

  3. No worries…we’d rather you rest your wrists and get better than to continue straining yourself for our benefit. The flowers are beautiful…your hubby did well, lol. Hope you’re feeling better and back to your old self soon 🙂

  4. Hope your wrist gets back to normal quickly!!! 🙂

  5. My better half loves to cook too, but cleaning up afterwards is a different story! But he’s still a keeper. Hope the wrist is on the mend Loretta, my left wrist is painful on occasion due to an old injury and sometimes sends me thru the roof if I twist it the wrong way… but seems ok to stitch!!

  6. Oh loretta I’m so sorry, hope you recover soon! The tulips are beautiful! They’re my favorite flower.

  7. The tulips are lovely.

    This note comes from Atl. Canada, Maritimes. We have been seriously dumped on this weekend with a blizzard. I decided to stitch the Brushstroke butterfly since it made feel like spring is on its way. LOL LOL (Laugh out Loud) Man on man what a lot of snow, shovelling is in order tomorrow. Oh well, got a good headstart on stitching.

    Bye for now and take care of yourself

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