I Cannot Count My Day Complete… How Often Do You Stitch?

I cannot count my day complete 'til thread, needle, and fabric meet.

For the longest time I stitched every single day no matter what. Then several years ago I lost my stitching bug for awhile, I went a year without barely a stitch. Work was busy, the kids had places to be, life was all over the place.

Upon realizing how much I needed my stitching I’ve made a more conscious effort to stitch as often as I possibly can. It relieves my stress from the day-to-day grind of life and it makes me happy, it’s a form of meditation for ever fiber of my being.

I may not get to stitch every single day like I used to, but I’m getting closer to that point again and it makes me smile to know that I can share that with you.

How often do you stitch?

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Passionate stitcher. Mom of four amazing young men. Wife to a comic book geek who makes me smile every day. Transcriptionist by trade. Gluten-free by necessity. Writer at heart. Seeker of knowledge and reader of novels. Dreamer of big colorful creative dreams.


  1. Margaret Baxter says:

    There is very rarely a day goes by that I do not do some cross stitching, but I also do other types of embroidery and knitting too. I usually have several projects on the go, and stitch regularly on coach trips. I have only recently joined some facebook groups.

  2. I stitching almost everyday. How many hours depends on the weather and what my activities are for the day. I always have at least 3 projects on the go since I have two lap stand for cross-stitching and a couple of stitching stations to work on BAPs. I also do puzzles, embroidery, needleworks, etc.

  3. Alycia Depew says:

    I prefer to stitch daily and do find it a great end to my evening but I have a bad habit of not wanting to stop once I get started. So if its passed 11 p.m. and there is stuff to do the next day, I usually skip it, but I’ll think about it and almost get pouty till the next day. lol

  4. I try to stitch an hour or two in the evening while relaxing in front of the boob tube. Although, sometimes I get more time in, while others none at all. Like many of us, if I am not stitching, I might pick up some other crafty thing like crocheting or knitting or maybe even *gasp* work on actually finishing up some of my stitched finishes 😉 Either way I have found over the years that it definitely relaxes me, as I too went for more than a year where needle, thread and fabric did not meet.

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