Finished Stitching Paisley Pumpkin!

This was the Paisley Pumpkin beaded cross stitch kit from Mill Hill: I did all the beading this weekend, so it’s a finish! YAY!

Finished Paisley Pumpkin

I had all the stitching done when I put away last Fall, but I didn’t have the space at home to sit down and work on the beading at the time. Since we moved I have plenty more space and I thought it would be a nice finish to get me back into the swing of stitching after a lengthy break.

The chart includes a line of dark green around the whole thing that alternates stitch, bead, stitch, bead, but I left that off because I think I’m going to put a mat around it when I frame it. Just need to order the frame… we’ll save that step for another day, the budget is looking a little small right now.

We had a little home improvement project over the weekend, installing a ceiling fan and light in the living room. It was a big empty ceiling, to start off with and you could see where there used to be a light…

Living Room Ceiling Before:
October's Home Improvement Project - LIGHTING October's Home Improvement Project - LIGHTING

It may seem completely unrelated to my stitching, but the lighting situation in the living room was dim and dark, which meant no stitching out there. Installing this light means that I can hang out in the living room and stitch, which makes me very happy indeed.

Hanging out in the dining room while everyone works in living room… I’m actually beading the pumpkin in this picture:

Living Room Ceiling After:
October Home Improvement Project - LIGHTING

October Home Improvement Project - LIGHTING

And after that was all done and cleaned up I started tearing down those hideous shelves behind the love seat on the far wall, which led to the discovery that painting was done *with* the shelves *on* the wall, so our next home improvement project will be painting the living room a lovely shade of blue.

I think I’m going to make that far wall my needlework wall and hang a collection of framed pieces there 😉

Happy Stitching!

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