WANTED – Cross Stitcher for custom work

Wanted – Cross stitcher for custom work

I’ve received a few inquires for custom work and just wanted to throw it out there to the cross stitching community and ask if any of you do custom work?

What would you charge to stitch a 5×7 design?

Would it be based on stitches … Kind of a dumb question … Should just answer that myself. I would charge based on stitches.

If anyone does this type of work, please let me know so I can refer people your way!

I did a quick search and found a site that does custom work and charges based on “the actual stitch, not to be confused with the stitch count”. Makes sense.

Anyway .. Let me know if you’re interested!

Thanks and have a stitching day! 🙂


About Karen

I've been cross stitching for over 25 years and last year I put two of my hobbies - Camping and Cross Stitch - together and now design and sell camping themed cross stitch patterns and kits. It's been a lot of fun and I've met new cross stitch friends who camp too! My site is Camp Cross Stitch and I also have a camping website that is a work in progress- www.TheCampSite.com If you are a camper come over and say Hi!


  1. I would like to know more about this… I do cross stitching all the time when I have some extra time in life… Thank you for your time..

    • Karen Ezell says:

      Thank you for the response! Please see my post below with my email. I own Camp Cross Stitch and would be putting the information on my site.

  2. Denise via STNA's Facebook Fan Page says:

    i left a comment..

  3. I tend to charge by stitches, using the white spaces to account for supplies. So, for my small items, they might be 12 stitches by 12 stitches, with a little white space, it’d be $1.44 or rounding up to make life easier, $1.50 or $2 (if it’s for etsy, it goes up to the nearest $1 for fee coverage). Since something 5×7 can be different depending on the fabric, I tend to use stitch count. Though, sometimes I feel I’m not charging enough…

    • Karen Ezell says:

      Thank you for the response! Please see my post below with my email. I own Camp Cross Stitch and would be putting the information on my site.

  4. Rose via STNA's Facebook Fan Page says:

    i left a comment as well 🙂

  5. Heather Bini says:

    I’m getting into selling my finished cross stitch so starting to determine best prices. I’m even trying to do some semi-custom designs (combining different pieces from different patterns). A 5×7 design with no white space (all stitches) I’d say would be $15-$20 unframed, depending if design uses special thread (i.e. satin or metallic) or blending colors. Framing cost depends on type of frame and could be an extra $10. For a 5×7 with moderate to lots of white space, I’d say $6-$10 (unframed). All this is based on white Aida, colored or linen would be slightly more, perhaps $1-$2 for 5×7. I have a public Crafts photo album on Facebook to display my work.

    • Karen Ezell says:

      Thank you for the response! Please see my post below with my email. I own Camp Cross Stitch and would be putting the information on my site.

  6. Katherine (Kat) says:

    I have done commissions for several people. I’ve only done a few custom pieces for people. I usually will do work from a pattern or design that has been purchased and will either have the person purchase the pattern and all materials or add that into the cost of the price, that last part is a big deciding factor on how much I would charge. The price also depends on how much work is involved in the piece and size so I don’t have a general price for a certain size.

    I’m definitely willing to do more commissions in the future. I have most of my work posted on my Facebook but I can provide better links if anyone wants to see what projects I have completed. Most of my personal projects include beadwork, perforated paper, linens and Kreinik threads because I love working with them and love how they look. 🙂 I have around 25 years experience with cross-stitch. 🙂

  7. I am available for anything thread related. I have a Flickr Portfolio here https://www.flickr.com/photos/stitchbyrachel/ and you can check it out. My cost is usually by the stitch but it depends on materials required and the needs for the client. Cross stitch without metallics or Kreinik is pretty straightforward. It also depends if its linen, cotton, aida, satin, silk, it depends if you need stabilizer or not, and for shipping/paypal fees. I embroidered the initials of a bride into the hem of her dress (satin) with white satin thread and that was quick and easy and I did it over a weekend. But a photo generated sampler with a portrait would take quite a bit of time, and it depends on the client’s deadline. do they have an open end? or it is something that has to be done in the next 30 days…that’s why a consultation has to be established.

    • Thank you for the response! Please see my post below with my email. I own Camp Cross Stitch and would be putting the information on my site.

  8. I do custom work for people all the time as well as stitch cover models for a cross stitcing magazine. I charge by stitch. If the job is done on with waste canvas on something then the cost for those supplies is extra. Please feel to contact me if you have any questions.

    • Thank you for the response! Please see my post below with my email. I own Camp Cross Stitch and would be putting the information on my site.

  9. Not at this time of the year, but perhaps after the first of the year I could consider it.

  10. Hi, I have been stitching over 30 years and have done model stitching several LNS as well as for a designer and for a few people; I usually charge by the stitch count as well as how difficult the pattern is. You would supply all materials & I would get to keep what wasn’t used as well as the pattern. Would love to hear from you..

    • Thank you for the response! Please see my post below with my email. I own Camp Cross Stitch and would be putting the information on my site.

  11. Karen Ezell says:

    Thank you everyone for responding! I want to put together a page on my website with your names and contact info if that’s okay with you. I can add a link to a FB page, Pinterest, Flickr etc.. That way when someone likes one of my designs they can be referred to that page to find someone to make it for them. Please send me an email with your info!
    Karen – ezhome@cox.net

  12. Alice via STNA's Facebook Fan Page says:

    Tried to connect had teck difficulties! Would be interested! But after new year!

  13. I stitch for others, for a 5 by 7 that is uncomplicated its 15.00 framed and for a complicated/full coverage I charge 25.00 framed. I don’t go by stitches. If I don’t have all the colors I need or fabric, then I add that into the cost.

  14. This would be interesting for me. Of course it would depend if you needed anyone in my neck of the woods.

  15. Ellen Acconzo says:

    Hi I am looking for someone to do a wedding cross stitch for me..it is about 11×14. Please let me know if you are interested. Ellen

  16. I have been selling cross stitch on Ebay, but I would love to have another outlet to find customers who are interested in hiring me to stitch for them. Could you add me to the list?


  17. I have been cross stitching for about 20 years or so. I have recently been thinking about going on line with a website to cross stitch for others. It is hard to put a price on something until you see what all is needed, but I am open to charging by the project. But the price will depend on the difficulty. I am available anytime and should have my web site up shortly. But I am flexible and reasonable.

  18. Are you still adding names of people who would be interested in doing cross stitch for other people? I have been doing cross stitch for over 20 years. I used to work for Ghoststitchers. I have also sold on Ebay. I enjoy making projects for other people and having the challenge of getting them done in a certain time frame. I look at the size of the project and price accordingly. I will say I really do love stitching.

  19. Come across this website and I’m wondering if you are still looking for full-time cross stitcher. If so, please email me and I’ll reply with some photos of finished work. If not, let me know the best way to sell some of my work. Thanks for your time. Valerie

  20. Kyla McKay Dewald says:

    If you are still looking for a cross stitcher please contact me at kymacc4xstitch@gmail.com

  21. Hey All, came across this feed today. If anyone is looking for a full-time cross stitcher in Canada please get in touch. Have about 18 years experience and would be happy to show some of my work. Talk to you soon! Sarah

    • Karen Ezell says:

      Hi Sarah! Please see my response above to Valerie. I would love to add your information to my site as well. Please email me!
      Thank you!
      Karen – Camp Cross Stitch

  22. Are you still looking for stitchers. I am an avid cross stitcher and would love to help if I can. Starting a little online business and this would be a nice jump start! I’d be happy to take projects on!!!

  23. Shawn LaFleur says:

    Are you still looking for stitchers? I have been stitching for over 30 years and would love to help you out. I was a Ghoststitcher for a while until the company went out of business. I can do most anything and have pictures of past work and references.

  24. Wymeaka Judkins says:

    Hi. I can always do custom stitching and have been stitching for about 20 years. Please get in contact as I can start ASAP

  25. Susan Haislip says:

    I’m interested! I’ve been stitching for 23 years and would love to show you some of my work.

  26. I am a custom work “Cross stitcher ” in Florida please,
    email me for Quote.

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