Janlynn Owl Cross Stitch Ornaments: Creepy or Cute?

JanlynnOwlOrnamentsI am always on the lookout for owls to stitch up, and having a set of owl ornaments sounded promising. But two of these owls sort of creep me out with their eyes…

For the most part I really like Janlynn ornament kits, they have all sorts of cute groupings. And I really like owl designs to stitch. But for some reason I can’t fall in love with this set… those two owls are giving me the stink eye. Maybe I’ll just stitch the other four and skip those two?

Seriously… I’m not going to say which ones. You tell me what you think. Maybe I’m just seeing things where there aren’t things to see.
What do you think; creepy or cute?

The full Janlynn Owl Ornament Kit is available at a great price on Amazon.

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  1. Well, I can see why two of them bother you. But, I just think they are just some weird little owls. I love weird stuff, my family thinks I’m weird. So, I like the owls and need to get them. Hope those two owls don’t weird you out to much. Happy Holidays.

  2. Could you alter the patterns around the eyes for the ones you don’t like? Maybe make them less creepy or more like one of the other 4 so that you can do the whole set? Just a thought 🙂 I think they are adorable!

  3. I know which ones you mean. I agree with Chanda who suggested that you switch out with the less creepy ones.

  4. You’re an accomplished stitcher. I am sure you can stitch the eyes in a way that will be pleasing to you!

  5. I see what you mean, but I’d change the eyes to something more like the other four. Other than the eyes, I think the owls are cute.

  6. I’m creeped out by at least one of these owls too!! The rest are cute though!

  7. I’m so glad it wasn’t just me. I like the idea of changing the creepy eyes to be more like the eyes on the non-creepy ones, I might have to pick these up after all and give it a try.


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