Newsletter Returning April 1st

Hello stitchy friends 🙂 I want to thank everyone for the kind notes and your infinite patience. The year got off to a rocky start here (flu, snow, lots of work to do, unexpected expenses, more flu, injured toes, extra orthodontist visits, bacterial infections, and all sorts of crazy things going on) so the blog hasn’t been updated and the weekly newsletter hasn’t been going out.

Well, I declare that’s enough of that. Life can return to normal now and the newsletter and blog posts will all be returning to normal schedules on April 1st. Hopefully saying that out loud and declaring it here in writing will make it so! If you’re not getting the weekly newsletter yet, you can sign up in the big blue box below this post.

I also have some fun pattern designs that I’ve been working on, so those will start popping up again soon. Lots of good things to come this year. Thank you again for being the amazing group of stitchers you are. I appreciate you very much.

Happy Stitching!

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