Stitchqueries: Do you buy and stitch all the chart of the week features?

Welcome to our Stitchqueries post (aka the mailbag). I love it when I get email, so please by all means do contact me if you have a question about the website here or about stitching in general. I will always answer – it might take me a few days, but I will answer!

The email I received was about the Cross Stitch Chart of the Week feature here on the site …..

I love seeing the different things that get picked for Cross Stitch Chart of the Week. But, do you buy them and stitch them all? Just curious. Thanks for always stitching.

That’s a good question and certainly a fair one. The simple answer is no, I do not buy and stitch every single chart of the week feature design. The complicated answer is, I do buy quite a few of them! (much to my husband’s dismay LOL)

For examples from recent Chart of the Week features, I currently own Dracolair’s Red Dragon Bookmark, Ink Circles Turkish Delight, and several of the designs that were featured during Stitchmas 2010, I even finished stitching one of the ornaments already.) I also fully intend to purchase this week’s Chart of the Week, Freedom for All, that beautiful horse is just screaming at me to stitch him!

So, there you have it… the long and short of things when it comes to the Chart of the Week here at Stitching the Night Away! Thank you for following along with my stitching adventures, even with all the frogs and window shopping. I truly appreciate it.

Happy Stitching!
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