Stitching Mill Hill Azul Calavera

finished all the green and blue beads on Mill Hill Azul Calavera, only purple and white beads left to add before it’s a finish <3 . realized I made a tiny mistake, but I made it on both sides of the design, so I totally just flubbed it and stitched around it to make it work 😉 Added some more beads for my Mill Hill Mondays stitching…

orange beads added! getting that first color of beads all in place is always makes me feel like I’m almost done
orange beads added on Mill Hill Azul Calavera

I’ve reached the exciting tipping point of a Mill Hill kit where all the solid cross stitching is done and it’s time to add the beads.

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I always feel like I stitch slower when I’m stitching in hand instead of using my stand, but these Mill Hill kits are fun and they make me happy so I don’t mind the extra time investment.

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A photo posted by Loretta Oliver (@retta719) on

I got off to a really slow start thanks to some swelling in my hands, but the blue stitches filled in quickly and I just took my time with it..

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A photo posted by Loretta Oliver (@retta719) on

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  1. Where can I buy the trinkets/charms for Mill Hill Sugar Skull kits
    MH16-1621 through MH16-1626


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