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Crocheting Is Good For The Soul

I always knew that crocheting was peaceful, relaxing, even meditative for me, but, I really discovered a new facet to its good and groovy powers for me, the last time I picked it back up again. You see, I hadn’t crocheted in maybe four years, after our big move. We moved to Alabama from Texas and it was the first time I’d ever moved so far. It was, and has been, very hard on me, and took a lot out of me. And it feels like it separated me from ‘me’, somehow. When I finally picked up my yarn and hook again last year, it really helped to reconnect me ‘with me’ in a powerful way.

One big thing it does for me is reconnect me with my late Grandmother, whom I loved dearly. And that alone, is extremely peaceful for me. Kind of feels like I’m back sitting on the couch with her, just relaxing and being together, like we used to do. She is the one who taught me to crochet and it was one of our special things together. So this powerful feeling of reconnection with my grandmother brought me back to me, you know? And that was powerful! After feeling like a stranger in a strange land for so long! [Read more…]

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