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There was a mention in the HAED newsletter about gridding your cross stitch fabric for large projects and it referenced the article here that Sherrin wrote ages ago about how she did gridding – some quick background on that…. I met Sherrin at the TWBB when Stitching the Night Away was still young and she offered gridding and finishing services … I had her do the finishing work on my Fantasy Wedding Blessing to create the bell pull and also had her grid out my fabric for my TW Guardian, which is still in the WIP pile. I asked her about her process and she wrote up the article as a guide for me to publish here.

I want to send a special thanks to the folks at Heaven and Earth Designs for the kind mention in the newsletter and a big stitchy welcome to everyone that came by to visit and joined the newsletter here as well. Thank you all so much for joining us and I look forward to stitching with you.

Happy Stitching!

Stitchqueries: Cross Stitch Stocking, What Fabric to Use

This week’s Stitchqueries question about cross stitch Christmas stockings actually popped up on the Stitching the Night Away Facebook community.

Rhonda mentioned:

I will be starting a cross stitched stocking for my daughter soon. I’ve got evenweave or Aida to work with. Which one would be sturdier?

You can see the entire discussion on Facebook by clicking here.

Now, the best part about having an entire community of stitchers is that when you ask a question, you get more than one answer! (and usually pretty quick too!) If there is one thing I’ve learned about stitchers over the past few years it’s that everyone is always willing to help when they can. I love that about our group :)

Becka let us know that her stockings are stitched on aida fabric and holding up great. Joni also voted for the aida fabric. Of course, I had to be the odd ball and go for the evenweave, but I have my reasons, so hear me out if you’re also going to be stitching a Christmas stocking.

I would still use evenweave. It’s soft, but it’s still strong, and you’re going to want to use interfacing when assembling your stocking anyway, so that will give it some added strength. Unless the design is solidly stitched I prefer evenweave for presentation purposes. When you finish a stocking you definitely want to use interfacing plus an inside lining fabric, especially if it’s intended to be used and not just for display on the mantle to look pretty.

So, those are our thoughts on fabric selection for stitching a christmas stocking. I would love to hear your experiences also, please leave a comment below if you have a stocking tip or idea to share with us!

Happy Stitching!
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Bookmarks for Literacy 2011 Project

I love this stitching for literacy program and I’m so glad to see it going again! The mail in and drop off dates for stitched bookmarks are March 17 – April 28, so still plenty of time to stitch a bookmark or two and send it in to participate, or drop some off at a participating needlework shop if there is one near you.

How to Participate in the Program:
It’s easy just stitch a bookmark and send it in. After the bookmarks are collected they will be donated to a library or school during Children’s Book Week to reward reading accomplishments.

Need some bookmark patterns to stitch up? These designers donate to literacy projects at least 10% of profits from specially-designed bookmark patterns bearing a Needle and Thread: Stitching for Literacy logo. When you purchase these patterns, you, too, are supporting literacy… (just click on the images to pick up the chart)

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Top 3 Mistakes That Most Cross Stitch Enthusiasts Make

There are a handful of mistakes I see a lot of cross stitch enthusiasts making from newbies or novices. I’m not a super picky stitcher by any means, but these few things can make a huge difference in your finished project and if you’re mindful of them while stitching your next project I think you’ll be happy with the results.

Mistake #1: Leaving the project in the hoop or q-snap overnight.

Please, I beg you to stop torturing your cross stitch project in such a way. When you’re done stitching for the day take the project out of the hoop (or scroll frame, or q-snap, or whatever you’re using to hold your fabric taught) and let the project rest. Your stitching needs it beauty sleep too.

Stitcher’s Note: If you’re using a scroll frame or other frame where the fabric is sewn onto or more fixedly attached to the device it is recommended that you loosen the tension slightly to leave the project rest overnight and when you’re not stitching.

Mistake #2: Not crossing stitches in the same direction.

This one isn’t really a big deal, but it is something makes the finished piece look better. It doesn’t matter which direction your top leg of cross stitch is going, just be sure they are all going the same direction. Consistency is really the key here.

Stitcher’s Note: Right handed stitchers usually have the top leg going bottom left to top right. Left handed stitchers usually have the top leg going from bottom right to top left.

Mistake #3: Not stopping to untangle the tangled floss.

It happens to all of us at some point during almost every project, the floss gets tangled and BAM there’s a knot in it. I know untangling it is a huge pain in the you know what, however if you’re going to frame the finished piece you don’t want those bumps getting in the way later.

Stitcher’s Note: If you know for a fact that you are NOT framing the piece when finished then by all means feel free to leave those tangles in there and stitch onward!

Loretta Oliver, EzineArticles.com Basic PLUS Author
Those are just a few simple common mistakes that we all make, even me and I’ve been cross stitching since I was eight years old. If you take the necessary steps to avoid these mistakes I promise you that you’ll be very happy with the results when you’ve finished stitching your next project.

Kind Regards and Happy Stitches,

Squidoo Added Needlework in its Own Neighborhood – Yay!

I did a personal little happy dance when Needlework was added as a category (neighborhood) on Squidoo the other day. I volunteered to be an “angel” and keep an eye out for great Squidoo lenses on the topic.

Since it’s a new sub-category it’s a little empty right now, so I’m here to invite you to stop on by and create a Squidoo lens on anything having to do with needlework to help grow the neighborhood a little more. I’ll be sprinkling squid angel dust on the best lenses to give them a little rankings boost!

If you’re not familiar with Squidoo, I invite you to poke around and check it out a bit. You can build pages based on your interests and even make a little extra money with those pages. For example, earlier this month I got a nice 80 dollar payment from them, and I’ve seen some “lensmasters” making over 1,000 dollars a month by working on Squidoo full time.

Even if you don’t become a full time Squidoo lens maker, I do hope you’ll sing up and make at least one needlework based lens to help us spread the cross stitch love! ;) I’d really appreciate it and I’ll be giving the occasional shout out here from Stitching the Night Away to great lenses I find over there.

Happy Stitching!
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