Disappearing TARDIS is Chart of the Week

disappearing TARDIS cross stitch bookmark

from DaleksTeahouse Etsy shop

Raise your hand if you watched Dr. Who this weekend.

I’m betting that you were too distracted with anticipation to get any stitching done during the show. Right? Here’s the perfect project to stitch when you replay the episode on your DVR for the second or third time…

vworp vworp vworp vworp vworp vworp

==> Get your Disappearing TARDIS cross stitch bookmark pattern from DaleksTeahouse Etsy shop
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Balloon Glow is Chart of the Week

Dimensions Cross Stitch Balloon GlowThis morning while I was getting the kids off to school I caught part of a news snippet as I rushed through the living room; something about FAA regulations that say hot air balloons can’t be within 500 feet of a cloud.

I walked around with these silly visions in my head of men teetering around with tall ladders trying to chase down hot air balloons so they can measure their distance from the clouds. I’m sure I must have missed part of that news story while I was helping Ethan find his socks, but the part I heard sounded so silly that it stuck with me all morning. Anyway, that’s what led me to look for hot air balloon designs this morning.

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Love Coffee from Mill Hill is Chart of the Week

Love-Coffee-Cross-StitchMill Hill’s newest cross stitch kits have been super cute. I know I said that about their last round of releases, and the round before that, but they have really been rocking things in the department of cute and easy to finish projects.

When I saw Love Coffee, I sort of instantly fell in love with it.

Ask any member of my family and they will all tell you that it’s best not to talk to me before I’ve had at least one cup of coffee in the morning. Sometimes I’ll have tea, but usually it’s coffee. My boys (currently ages 12, 13, 14, and 15) all know how to measure and brew a perfect pot of coffee. I’m not sure if that makes me the best mom by preparing them with a life skill or the worst mom because they consider it a necessary survival skill -LOL-

Complete Cross Stitch Kit Includes: Beads, charms, perforated paper, needles, floss, chart, and instructions. [Read more...]

Uber Shamrock from Bent Creek is Chart of the Week

Uber-Shamrock-St-Patricks-Day-Cross-StitchSt. Patrick’s Day is this week ~ YAYYYY! Okay, perhaps we get a little too excited about it in my house. But it’s fun and the kids get to celebrate the smidgen of Irish that they have in their heritage.

“Luck and more luck, luck, lucky, luck, Happy St. Patrick’s Day.”

Model for Uber Shamrock stitched on 18 count Mountain Mist linen using Weeks Dye Works & DMC. (DMC alternatives are given for the WDW if you want to stitch in all DMC) Stitch count 97W x 119H.
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Blackwork Easter Card Patterns (set of 4) is Chart of the Week

I found this while browsing Pinterest, but the pin takes you to The Making Spot where you can buy the PDF version of the charts – there are four Easter themed blackwork patterns for card making.

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