Fjord Ponies is Chart of the Week

Fjord-Ponies-Cross-Stitch-SamplerSampler style and horses…
Could a design be any more awesome than that?

I’m pretty sure the correct answer is no, a design could not possibly be any more awesome. I just fell in love with this sampler this morning. And yes, I bought it even though I just bought a new sampler to work on at the beginning of January and I didn’t even start that one yet.

The model for Fjord Ponies by Ink Circles is stitched on 32 count Vintage Sugar Maple by Lakeside Linens using Vikki Clayton HDF color floss
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Love Quaker Style is Chart of the Week

Love-Quaker-Style-cross-stitch-patternI’ve been in the mood for some Quaker-Style samplers lately – and I’ll show off some new stash later this week – but this caught my eye with Valentine’s Day right around the corner. This is Love Quaker Style by AuryTM Designs.

I love the little splashes of color and the hearts worked into the quaker blocks, very fun :)
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Decorative Scissors by Vickery Collection is Chart of the Week

Decorative-Scissors-Cross-Stitch-Pattern-Vickery-CollectionI chose this week’s chart of the week for no reason other than I love scissors and this design was really pretty.

I sort of wish the scissors pictured would come to life and jump into my scissor collection ;)
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Thankful Hearts is Chart of the Week

thanksful-hearts-imaginatingIt’s the time year where we often reflect and realize the things that we are most grateful for. This sampler will serve as a lovely reminder that we can be thankful and grateful all year round.

Gather together with thankful hearts.

Designed by Diane Arthurs at Imaginating. Model stitched on 14 count Fiddler Lite with DMC floss. Design has a stitch count of 140W x 205H. [Read more…]

Mill Hill Peacock Kit is Chart of the Week

peacock-mill-hillTo be fair this is a “kit” and not a “chart,” but I really love these fun little kits from Mill Hill.

They’ve really been stepping it up with their designs this year and I’m really pleased with the things they’ve been releasing.

Have only one rule:

Be your wild courageous brilliant self every single day, no matter what.

I certainly agree, that’s a great rule to have and live by :)

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Everlasting Love is Chart of the Week

everlasting-love-praiseworthy-stitchesDesigned to make a great anniversary gift, the quote on this piece reads:

“What lies behind us & what lies before us are tiny matters compaired to what lies between us”

Model stitched on 28ct Vintage Winter Sky from Lakeside Linens [Read more…]

The Peppermint Pig is Chart of the Week

Peppermint-Pig-Cross-StitchHow stinkin’ cute is this!? I’m pretty sure pigs and peppermints don’t get much cuter. I love these kind of samplers with fun themes and colors.

The individual motifs from the Peppermint Pig could easily be turned into holiday ornaments too. [Read more…]

Decorative Autumn Tree is Chart of the Week

decorative-autumn-tree-cross-stitchThe colors in this design just make me happy. I know I’ve already sung the praises of Autumn here on the blog many times over, but truly is my favorite time of the year.

I miss the long Fall season that we had in Pennsylvania – the leaves would change and fall off the trees slowly and magically. Here in Virginia it just feels like it’s 90 degrees and green one day and then the next day it’s 60 degrees and everything is brown and crunchy… the magic is lost somehow.

Decorative Autumn Tree by Artecy Cross Stitch is [Read more…]

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