Cross Stitch SALs Happening in 2018

ships manor through the window sal for 2018Ship’s Manor Through the Window SAL is 12 parts plus a border. A unique view “through the window” with a monthly pattern section released. The stitch count for this one is 148 × 191. The pattern for this stitch-a-long is $14 and available at, where you can also purchase the beautiful hand dyed fabric in a variety of styles if you’d like to use the color Erik created for the SAL.

connie gee designs backstitch sal Connie Gee Designs TWO YEAR Backstitch Design SAL Yes, you read that correctly, this SAL spans 2018 and 2019 with 25 design sections plus a border. The stitch count for this project is 135 x 135.
This is a FREE stitch-a-long to participate in. You’ll find all the details and pattern downloads at

linen and threads mystery sampler sal 2018Mystery Sampler from Linen and Threads The 2017 mystery sampler was such a huge success that they’re doing a new one this year. This is a large project with the stitch count at 209 wide x 478 high. They announced in the SAL’s Facebook group that the overall theme for the 2018 design is Medieval menagerie. The SAL is FREE to participate in and all of your pattern and download information can be found at

guardians of notre dame cross stitch salGuardians of Notre Dame Mystery SAL from Ingleside Imaginarium Last year they did a beautiful birthstone dragon SAL. This year’s design is sure to be stunning when complete, I am really looking forward to seeing it come together and reveal the sections. The pattern is 165 x 163 stitch count and will be released one section per month. The pattern is $18 and can be ordered via the Ingleside Imaginarium Etsy shop

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Getting to Know Featured Stitcher Kat B.

You’ll find Kat around the web on these links:

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Getting to Know Featured Stitcher Lisa P.

Featured Stitcher Lisa P

Let’s get into the stitching questions and have some fun getting to know Lisa, her projects, and her crafty stash…
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Getting to Know Featured Stitcher Brandy


You’ll find Brandy around the web on these links:

Now let’s get into the stitching questions and have some fun getting to know Brandy, her projects, and her crafty stash…
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12 of My Favorite Stitching Groups

I’m sure there are probably hundreds of stitching and needlework groups on Facebook, and I’m definitely a member of more than just this dozen, but these are just a few of my favorites that I visit every week 🙂

12 favorite stitching groups
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Cool Grime Guard Solution for Big Projects

I came across this while browsing #flosstube videos on YouTube over the weekend. Pam was working on Bid Red Ship and afraid the hand-dyed floss would bleed if washed, so in order to take extra care to keep the fabric extra super clean she sewed up a solution using pillow shams!

[big project grime guard made from pillow shams at 37:56]
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12 SALs Happening in 2017

stitchrovia sal Stitchrovia’s Charity SAL for UK based charity Mind. All profits from the pattern will go to directly to the charity to help those who suffer with mental health issues, as well as their families. You’ll find the first of nine installments at

rainbowsalConnie Gee Designs 2017 Rainbow SAL. Year long sampler with a free monthly chart release. You’ll find all of the information and downloads at Make sure to join Connie’s Facebook group to follow along with others and to share your own stitching progress. It’s been fun to see everyone’s floss and fabric choices so far!

linen and threads mystery band sampler salMystery Band Sampler from Linen and Threads. A year long band sampler mystery with free monthly chart release. This is a big one at 205w x 467h final stich count. You’ll find all the downloads and information for this one at [Read more…]

Stitching a Fine Thread Between Hobby and Insanity

Any crafter can tell you that it is a very fine thread between the boundaries of hobby, obsession, and complete craft insanity.

stitching a fine thread between hobby and insanity tee shirt preview

This fun shirt design is available via teespring until July 28th.
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The only shades of GRAY I care about…

It’s funny, because it’s true. No, seriously.

That whole Shades of Grey book trilogy and movie thing that other people are going bonkers for in social media, I’m not interested a single tiny bit.

However, if you have some gray DMC, I’m all in. I always seem to be running of #415 and I need to pick up about 10 skeins of the variegated #53 for a sampler I want to stitch – maybe I’ll just pick up a whole cone of the stuff.

This fun shirt design is available via teespring until May 20th.
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Keep Calm and Cross Stitch Shirts

Shirts are available at
keep calm and cross stitch shirts available as t-shirt, tank, or hoodie
($15 for a tee, $24.95 for a hoodie)


What colors are available?

  • The t-shirt is currently available in blue, purple, red, navy, and gray.
  • Hoodies are available in navy, green, purple, and cardinal red.
  • The tank is available in dark gray.

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