Almost There on Paisley Pumpkin

I had hoped to stitch *two* of the fall Mill Hill kits this month, but things have been busy lately so it looks like I’ll only get one stitched up. I just realized I haven’t posted an update on this project recently, I’m such a slacker. But there is progress and I’m well past half way now.

progress on Mill Hill Paisley Pumpkin [Read more...]

Unhappy with the Floss Toss ~ the Woes of a Stitcher

gaelic-banner-dracolairA little over a month ago I finally broke down and bought the supplies for the project that keeps me up at night wanting to stitch it – Gaelic Banner from Dracolair.

I’ve been drooling over it for the longest time, having all these mental conversations with myself about whether or not I could tackle such a big project. In fact, I bought the kit for Paisley Pumpkin that I’ve stitching in the same order as those supplies.

But you’ll notice I haven’t posted a start on Gaelic Banner yet. I’m having fabric issues. I just can’t find the perfect fabric. I’ve gone through several pieces of amazing fabric already and once I put them with the chart and the threads I decide they’re all wrong. Kelly at Stitchnmomma even created a piece just for me, which is beautiful and awesome and going to be used for another project. [Read more...]

Stitching Paisley Pumpkin by Mill Hill

Paisley Pumpkin kit from Mill Hill was my Labor Day weekend travel project… Not a lot of progress to see so far.

Working on stitching Paisley Pumpkin by Mill Hill

I didn’t get as much done as I wanted that weekend and I haven’t had much time to stitch since we got home and school started either. [Read more...]

Oak Island Mystery Starting to Take Shape

I made some good progress on Pirate Treasure the past few nights stitching a little at a time. You can see the top of the hidden pirate’s hat being outlined here in the lime green color. (I didn’t realize the lighting was weird on this photo until after I uploaded. I blame the stormy weather.)

Progress on Oak Island Mystery! [Read more...]

Happy Dance! Dream is a Wish

Lately I’ve been stitching on bigger projects and suffering from that blah feeling you get when you haven’t celebrated a finish in awhile. I’m sure you can relate to what I mean, that moment you want to finish something, anything at all. So I took a few minutes to dig through my stash and pull out some small charts that I keep on hand for just such a stitching emergency.

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