Happy 2014 Free Band Sampler Pattern

Happy 2014 Band Sampler PreviewI thought the best way to start off the new year here on the blog would be with a free pattern for everyone to enjoy :)

Just pick two colors, or grab some variegated threads, or use up your leftover flosses and use an assortment of colors.
Design size is 70w x 90h

click here to download this free cross stitch pattern
Click here to download this free pattern.

A Difficult Decision About Ornament Club

MayOrnamentPreviewI want to thank everyone who has participated in the Ornament Club for 2012 and 2013. As we head into 2014 I am faced with the decision of whether or not to continue the club in the new year.

I’m leaning towards not having a club subscription in 2014. I’m also considering simply releasing patterns individually throughout the year instead of setting up a club subscription.

I’m going to take a week and think about it some more, but I would love to hear from you. I’m open for suggestions, thoughts, ideas, and feedback. Please leave a comment below….

Loretta’s Annual Report of Stitching for 2013

I think I did more stash shopping than I did stitching this year… oops.

I had very little in the finished category this year…

I finished my January Snowflake
January Snowflake - Stitching the Night Away Ornament Club 2013

and I finished my Paisley Pumpkin

I made some progress on My Token of Love and on Pirate Treasure, [Read more...]

Hot Chocolate Cross Stitch Ornaments

Janlynn Hot Cocoa Ornament Cross Stitch KitLast week’s chart of the week was also a Janlynn ornament set. I decided not to buy the owl ornaments when I saw these cute hot cocoa mug ornaments!

Hot chocolate is kind of a big deal around here. The kids love hot chocolate nights, they get excited about it and they take it pretty darn seriously.

They get festive and stir it up with candy canes, they look for flavor options like mint and white chocolate, they love flavored marshmallows, and sometimes we get adventurous and make homemade marshmallows just for hot chocolate. if we’re out shopping and I stop into Starbucks they want their hot chocolate in a red cup, and they savor every sip.

Thanks to Amazon Prime, my ornament kit should be here tomorrow! Yay :) Since chunks of my stash are still in a box from moving, I’ll be working on these over the holiday break.

You can get the set on Amazon at a great price (the owls and other sets are available on the same page too) Side note; if the cocoa mugs are showing out of stock when you get to the page, wait a few hours and go back. They were out of stock when I first found them and they were back in stock by the end of the day!

Happy Holiday Stitching!

My Favorite Holiday Ornaments

I’ll get our blog hop kicked off with the first post. First, I’ll confess that I don’t do a lot of holiday decorating. My favorite part of decorating is putting up the tree, and the kids do 99% of the work on that. My job on decorating day is to make hot chocolate and make sure nothing gets broken.

Here are some of my favorite holiday ornaments hanging on our tree this year….

Joy to the World (Dragon Dreams design)
favorite ornaments
I just love this little guy :) he’s my favorite stitched ornament.
[Read more...]

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