Pirate Treasure Stitching Is On a Roll

I got pretty far along in stitching Pirate Treasure this week from where I left off last week. I found a good reference point when I was stitching the letters so I ventured onto page two of the pattern with those so I can build from there … [Continue reading]

Bent Creek’s Americana Angel is Chart of the Week


I'll be quick with our chart of the week since it's a holiday here today. I'll be heading out with my boys to try to catch a parade and we're going to the movies this afternoon. It seemed only fitting that today's chart of the week be … [Continue reading]

Stitchqueries: Can I Wash Finished Cross Stitching on Black Fabric?

stitching questions

This week's stitchqueries comes from Jolande about washing a finished piece of cross stitch... I have stitched Girl With A Pearl Earring on Black Aïda. I would like to know if it is safe to wash my 'masterpiece' with detergent, before it will be … [Continue reading]

Good Progress on Pirate Treasure and a New Start

After a lengthy stitching slump I feel extra productive this week after making some good progress stitching Pirate Treasure and starting a new ornament... Pirate Treasure Progress: Started Stitching Ornament Club Ornament #5: … [Continue reading]

Sadie Stuart-I Pledge Allegiance Chart of the Week

Pledge Allegiance Cross Stitch

With Memorial Day and Independence Day coming up in the United States you might be thinking of stitching some patriotic themed items. What could be more patriotic than the original Pledge of Allegiance to the flag? This chart comes from Samsarah … [Continue reading]

Lavender Knotwork Garden Free Cross Stitch Pattern

Lavender Knotwork Garden free cross stitch pattern

I love stitching knotwork - I hope you do too! I used shades of lavender and green in the chart, but of course you can change those to any colors you'd like to stitch. ==> Click here to download the free cross stitch pattern! If you … [Continue reading]

Picked Up Pirate Treasure to Test Out My No Baste Scroll Bars

This WIP has been sitting in the stash cabinet for awhile. It always seems to get set aside for other projects, though I really do enjoy working on it. After I finished stitching The Raven I wanted to put something on the no baste scroll bars to test … [Continue reading]

Meet American Dream Products

American Dream Products Made in the USA

The world’s finest hand crafted frames & stands are within your grasp. A unique lap stand created by American Dream Products the E-Z Stitch® Lap Stand is hand-made from solid American Red Oak hardwood and hand-finished with a beautiful Golden Oak … [Continue reading]

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