Brushstroke Butterfly by Peggy M.

Peggy stitched this Brushstroke Butterfly and finished it into a no-sew stand up display. I love it! :) Thank you Peggy for sharing your work with us! You can download the free cross stitch pattern in PDF format here at any time: … [Continue reading]

Brushstoke Butterfly by Lynn G.

Lynn G. stitched these two Brushstroke Butterfly pieces as part of the quilt gift we showed earlier, so you might recognize them from the quilt picture! Lynn also reminded me that butterflies are a symbol of hope, I love that. … [Continue reading]

Almost Done with Lace Heart Wedding Sampler

I can't believe I'm almost done with this Lace Heart Wedding Sampler for our friend! I've barely had time to stitch except for a few times during stormy nights and it's just coming along so quickly. (My new counting pins helped a lot with this recent … [Continue reading]

Blue Eyes (Tiger) Cross Stitch Chart Of The Week


Tigers are such beautiful and majestic creatures and this is a gorgeous design from Kustom Krafts called Blue Eyes (Tiger). It almost feels like he's looking in a window at us and I know a teenager in Alabama that would just love to have this as a … [Continue reading]

Stitchqueries: Finding Stitch and Stuff Bear Pattern


This week's stitchqueries is a little bit different. This is a plea for help in finding a pattern .... Janet emailed me a few weeks ago looking for a pattern of a bear with his arms up where you stitch his face sweater and toes then cut out the bear … [Continue reading]

Four Brushstroke Butterflies from Maggi S.

It's amazing how each butterfly is different even when it was stitched by the same stitcher! These four Brushstroke Butterfly finishes come from Maggi S. and she stitched them all for Cole's Quilts. If you're keeping score, that means these count as … [Continue reading]

New Progress on Lace Heart Wedding Sampler

Progress two weeks in a row, w00t! I actually feel like a real stitcher again! I didn't think I was going to have any stitching time, but those storms tore through here over the weekend and the power was blinking and the internet was out, so the kids … [Continue reading]

Brushstroke Butterfly with Sulky by Teresa H.

Teresa stitched her Brushstroke Butterfly for a breast cancer charity group raffle quilt. The group decided on using variegated threads or sulky threads and Teresa used Moss Medley Sulky for hers. Very pretty! Thank you for sharing your … [Continue reading]

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