Getting to Know the Stitching Community: FaithNchls


I want to take a little time each week to get to know the members of the stitching community as a whole, stitchers, designers, enthusiasts, we all love needlework and we all are passionate about what we do. Let’s share our passion and get to know … [Continue reading]

Stitchqueries: Too Good to Be True?


This week's question is in regard to purchasing large photo conversion charts from eBay. I saw a pattern from ebay- rainbow sunset cross stitch (452) and I found it too good to be true. I think it's a chart generated from a photograph. Can we … [Continue reading]

Brushstroke Butterfly Over One as an Ornament!

Another day and another butterfly! All of the butterflies are amazing, but this one in particular is stitched over one on evenweave to magically transform into an ornament! Who said butterflies only transform one time? ;) I was so delighted when … [Continue reading]

Brushstroke Butterfly done by Charity for Cole’s Quilts

Charity at Constantly Stitching sent in this great Brushstroke Butterfly finish that she did for a Cole's Quilts project. Thank you Charity for sharing your stitching with us! If you have stitched Brushstroke Butterfly I’d love to see … [Continue reading]

Brushstroke Butterfly by Robin B.


Well I asked to see all the Brushstroke Butterflies and they are pouring in! This one comes from Robin B. Thank you Robin for sharing your stitching with us! If you have stitched Brushstroke Butterfly I'd love to see your version as … [Continue reading]

How to Use Counting Pins in Your Cross Stitch


So we had a discussion on Facebook and here about using counting pins, especially on larger projects. I mentioned that I was looking at ordering some and wanted to hear everyone's experiences. In an effort to better understand the whole concept of … [Continue reading]

Brushstroke Butterflies by JanDFL

I am loving all the great Brushstroke Butterfly pictures folks are sharing with me during this giveaway event! This set of butterflies comes from JanDFL... Here's two pictures of my Brushstroke Butterfly finishes. This first one was for my … [Continue reading]

Lace Heart Wedding Sampler is What I’m Stitching

So, I decided to put away Pirate Treasure for awhile and work on this wedding sampler that was supposed to be a gift last year, but I didn't finish in time. This month is their one year anniversary and even though I'm already late I'd like to finish … [Continue reading]

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