Hot Chocolate Cross Stitch Ornaments

Janlynn Hot Cocoa Ornament Cross Stitch KitLast week’s chart of the week was also a Janlynn ornament set. I decided not to buy the owl ornaments when I saw these cute hot cocoa mug ornaments!

Hot chocolate is kind of a big deal around here. The kids love hot chocolate nights, they get excited about it and they take it pretty darn seriously.

They get festive and stir it up with candy canes, they look for flavor options like mint and white chocolate, they love flavored marshmallows, and sometimes we get adventurous and make homemade marshmallows just for hot chocolate. if we’re out shopping and I stop into Starbucks they want their hot chocolate in a red cup, and they savor every sip.

Thanks to Amazon Prime, my ornament kit should be here tomorrow! Yay 🙂 Since chunks of my stash are still in a box from moving, I’ll be working on these over the holiday break.

You can get the set on Amazon at a great price (the owls and other sets are available on the same page too) Side note; if the cocoa mugs are showing out of stock when you get to the page, wait a few hours and go back. They were out of stock when I first found them and they were back in stock by the end of the day!

Happy Holiday Stitching!

September Ornament Club Pattern

In September we decorated a few gingerbread men with the kids 😉

gingerbread man a gingerbreadB gingerbreadC gingerbreadD

Order September 2013 Ornament PatternWhen you purchase this pattern on Craftsy you receive the charting for all four of these gingerbread men that you can change, alter, and decorate however you’d like. Add some of your favorite embellishments or beads and he’ll be as unique as a snowflake.
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August Ornament Club Pattern

August Ornament PreviewThe best way to celebrate any holiday is simply with love and kindness to each other.

A simple and fun ornament to stitch and one of my favorites this year. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. If you missed out ornament club registration, you can purchase the chart individually here for $2.75.

order August ornament pattern

After Payment Be Sure to Click Return to Site for Your Download…
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Janlynn Owl Cross Stitch Ornaments: Creepy or Cute?

JanlynnOwlOrnamentsI am always on the lookout for owls to stitch up, and having a set of owl ornaments sounded promising. But two of these owls sort of creep me out with their eyes…

For the most part I really like Janlynn ornament kits, they have all sorts of cute groupings. And I really like owl designs to stitch. But for some reason I can’t fall in love with this set… those two owls are giving me the stink eye. Maybe I’ll just stitch the other four and skip those two?

Seriously… I’m not going to say which ones. You tell me what you think. Maybe I’m just seeing things where there aren’t things to see.
What do you think; creepy or cute?

The full Janlynn Owl Ornament Kit is available at a great price on Amazon.

June Ornament Club Pattern

june-previewThe Ornament Club design for June was simple and sweet, great for using up extra threads, making quick gifts, or just hanging on the tree.

If you missed the club registration deadline for this year you can still purchase the PDF file of this pattern individually right here for $2.75.

After Payment Be Sure to Click Return to Site for Your Download…
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April Ornament Club Pattern

April2013OrnamentPreviewApril’s Ornament Club pattern release was another two-for-one deal, you could stitch them as front and back of one ornament or create two separate ornaments, change the colors up, mix and match to have some fun. Several ornament club stitchers chose to use variegated threads for their ornaments and they all came out beautifully! (pictures coming to the gallery here very soon)

Order April 2013 Ornament PatternIf you missed the club registration deadline you can still purchase the PDF file of this pattern individually right here for $2.75.
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March Ornament Club Pattern

March-Cross-Stitch-OrnamentsOur Ornament Club pattern for March can be stitched up as a two-sided ornament or as two individual ornaments.

I also charted it in 4 different DMC colors, but you could easily replaced those with any other color combination or stitch the entire thing in a fun variegated thread.

Order January 2013 Ornament PatternIf you missed the registration deadline you can still purchase the PDF file of this pattern individually right here for $2.75.
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February Ornament Club Pattern

merry-bright-cross-stitchThis was our second Ornament Club pattern of the year. Registered members received this pattern already and we have a few stitched versions to share here on the blog over the next few weeks.

If you missed registration you can still purchase the PDF file of this pattern individually right here for $2.75.
Order January 2013 Ornament Pattern
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A Little Visit From Christmas Past, Present, and Future on the 21st Day of Stitchmas

These ornaments are designed by Brooke’s Books Publishing and each booklet includes multiple patterns so you can choose whether to stitch a three-dimensional ornament using perforated papers or to stitch on your favorite fabric for framing.

Stitch-A-Little Spirit Of Christmas Past$6.00

Stitch-A-Little Spirit Of Christmas Present$6.00

Stitch-A-Little Spirit Of Christmas Future$6.00

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Reindeer on the Rooftops on the 17th Day of Stitchmas

A few people have mentioned that they’re looking for reindeer themed projects this year and having difficulty finding them… so I went hunting myself and I concur, there are not enough reindeer patterns out there to be stitched. I found a handful of patterns, but not nearly as many as I hoped when I set out on my reindeer seeking mission this morning.

Reindeer Roundup from The Prairie Schooler@ Everything Cross Stitch

French Country Ornaments II – Reindeer from JBW Designs@ Everything Cross Stitch

Reindeer Christmas Stocking from Rosewood Manor@ Everything Cross Stitch

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