Cross Stitch SALs Happening in 2018

ships manor through the window sal for 2018Ship’s Manor Through the Window SAL is 12 parts plus a border. A unique view “through the window” with a monthly pattern section released. The stitch count for this one is 148 × 191. The pattern for this stitch-a-long is $14 and available at, where you can also purchase the beautiful hand dyed fabric in a variety of styles if you’d like to use the color Erik created for the SAL.

connie gee designs backstitch sal Connie Gee Designs TWO YEAR Backstitch Design SAL Yes, you read that correctly, this SAL spans 2018 and 2019 with 25 design sections plus a border. The stitch count for this project is 135 x 135.
This is a FREE stitch-a-long to participate in. You’ll find all the details and pattern downloads at

linen and threads mystery sampler sal 2018Mystery Sampler from Linen and Threads The 2017 mystery sampler was such a huge success that they’re doing a new one this year. This is a large project with the stitch count at 209 wide x 478 high. They announced in the SAL’s Facebook group that the overall theme for the 2018 design is Medieval menagerie. The SAL is FREE to participate in and all of your pattern and download information can be found at

guardians of notre dame cross stitch salGuardians of Notre Dame Mystery SAL from Ingleside Imaginarium Last year they did a beautiful birthstone dragon SAL. This year’s design is sure to be stunning when complete, I am really looking forward to seeing it come together and reveal the sections. The pattern is 165 x 163 stitch count and will be released one section per month. The pattern is $18 and can be ordered via the Ingleside Imaginarium Etsy shop

ann niven 1804 sal ships manorAnn Niven 1804 SAL from Ship’s Manor is a historical reproduction sampler from 1804 being released in five parts. The stitch count is approximately 290 x 356. The pattern does include specialty stitches, but Erik is also providing cross stitch only alternatives for those parts if you’re not comfortable with the eyelets or if you prefer to stitch on aida fabric instead of evenweave. The pattern is $12 and there are thread packs available if you’d like some of Erik’s hand-dyed silks (which I highly recommend). You’ll find all of the details about this sampler at

beverages sal from klt chartingBeverages SAL from KLT Charting featuring 12 parts and finishing up in July 2018. The overall stitch count for this project is 178 x 244. The PDF version of the pattern is £9 and can be ordered at KLT Charting (There are print versions available for an additional charge if you prefer.)

enjoy the ride mystery sal from caterpillar cross stitch designsEnjoy the Ride Fair Themed SAL from Caterpillar Cross Stitch is an eight part mystery stitch-a-long project that finishes up in August 2018. The overall stitch count is 131 x 174. The pattern is £11.80 and can be ordered from the website There are also kits available for this one if you prefer to order your supplies and pattern all at one time.

seasons change cross stitch SAL from CM Designs Seasons Change SAL from Carolyn Manning Designs is a year long SAL that will turn out to have four mandala patterns within it, one for each season. The stitch count for the full project of all four mandalas together is 197 x 197 (quarter that off if you want to stitch them separately) The pattern is $16 and you can find all of the information on the CM Designs website

Swans and Shears Mystery SAL from Tempting Tangles is sure to be a fun one. Quaker style design has traditional medallions plus will reveal hidden scissors and swans throughout the design. The overall design stitch count is 176 x 148 and will be released in 16 parts. The cost of the pattern is $5 and can be purchased through the Tempting Tangles Etsy Shop

sweet home mystery sal from tempting tanglesMy Own Sweet Home Mystery SAL from Tempting Tangles is a Valentine themed piece with a heart shaped bungalow house. The overall stitch count is 132 x 132 and will be released in 16 parts. The cost of the pattern is $5 and can be purchased in the Tempting Tangles Etsy shop

into the jungle cross stitch sal from the frosted pumpkin stitcheryInto the Jungle SAL from The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery is sure to be packed with cuteness and fun. Overall project size is 131 x 191 stitch count. The pattern only option is $18.95 and can be purchased through their website with kit options also available if you prefer to buy all the supplies and fabric

lilac sky fabric from lakeside needlecraft for the seasonal streets mystery sal projectSeasonal Streets from Lakeside Needlecraft Stitch count for this project is 143 x 191. The pattern is £15.99 and there are fabric and thread packs available on the website if you prefer to order all of your fabric and supplies at once

buds in bloom cross stitch sal from lakeside needlecraftBuds in Bloom SAL from Lakeside Needlecraft started in December with some lovely poinsettias and will end just before April begins. It’s never too late to join and started. The stitch count is 170 x 60 and the pattern is £9.99 (fabric and kit options available)

Dogs and Cats Through Time from Lakeside Needlecraft is actually two SALs. You can purchase the patterns for both together for £27.99 or individually for £15.99 each. The stitch count for each SAL is 190 x 160. Fabric and floss packs are available as well. You’ll find the information for these at

A Year of Animal Fun from Tiny Modernist includes a sectioned border so that you can stitch the entire year’s patterns together or individually. The overall stitch count is 181 x 209 for the full project. The pattern is $30 and the details can be found at

birds and flowers biscornu sal from tiny modernistBirds & Flowers Biscornu of the Month from Tiny Modernist is a new seasonally themed biscornu pattern each month. This is really more of a subscription than it is a stitch-a-long, but does have a similar overall community feeling.
It’s $44 for all 12 patterns

sunbonnet sues and hes lesley teare cross stitch sal projectSunbonnet Sues & Hes from Lesley Teare is just too cute. The full project with the borders is 121 x 157 stitch count.
You’ll find the patterns for this FREE monthly SAL both on Lesley’s blog and in her the private SAL Facebook group that she’s set up at

weavers tapestry cross stitch pattern mystery salWeavers Tapestry Band Sampler SAL from Magical Quilts and is going to be another big sampler, with the overall stitch count at 143 x 502, being created from weavers draft patterns found on the Antique Pattern Library that are being converted into cross stitch patterns. This SAL is FREE to participate in, you’ll find the patterns on the blog each Wednesday (weekly release!)

class schedule harry potter themed cross stitch sal from armada designsClass Schedule Harry Potter Themed SAL from Armada Designs has me fan-girl swooning over here. Each block of the 192 x 279 stitch count sized design will feature a subject from everyone’s favorite school of witchcraft and wizardry. There are several options, you can get just the pattern for $12 or you can choose fabric and kit options if you’d like. There’s even a custom needleminder you can order!

Brodeuse Bressane Mini Mandala per Month Blackwork SALMini Mandala per Month Blackwork SAL from Brodeuse Bressane can be stitched all together as a sampler with 12 parts or each month’s mandala can be stitched separately. They’d make lovely ornaments at 40 x 40 stitch count for each mandala. You’ll find all of the details on this FREE stitch-a-long project at

modern folk embroidery mystery quaker stitch a longModern Folk Embroidery A Primitive Quaker Year Mystery SAL will be released as one part per month throughout the year. The overall design is a big one, with stitch count at 251 wide and 382 high. Border pattern is free, 1st installment is £0.75 and future installments are £1.50 each. You’ll find all of the information and can purchase the patterns at

Randje per Week 2018 SAL (translates to edge/border or band per week) is going to be a big project at the end of the year, the total stitch count is 103 x 1289. This is a FREE stitch-a-long to participate in and patterns are posted to the blog each week. You’ll find the patterns and information at

reflets-de-soie mystery 2018 salReflets de Soie 2018 Mystery SAL is sure to be as lovely as last year’s piece. You may need to turn on Google Translate to get through the pages, but it’s worth the effort. You’ll have to add the instructions and the pieces to your shopping cart to receive them, but they are FREE and you won’t be asked for any financial info since the total will be $0. You’ll find all of the pieces on their website

legendary creatures alphabet sal from cloudsfactoryLegendary Creatures Alphabet from Cloudsfactory is a year long project featuring a different creature of legend for each letter of the alphabet. The stitch count is 202 x 295 and the pattern is $19.99. There are thread and fabric kit options available or you can purchase just the patterns. You’ll find all of the details and ordering information at

Red Band Sampler SAL from iStitch Designs is a year long project designed to be stitched on a strip of banding. The cost for the pattern is $27 and the SAL runs for 28 weeks, the design will cover 100cm of banding. You’ll find sign up information for this project at

stitch village sal 2018Stitcher Village SAL from MaxiStickt is a year long stitch-a-long project with a new village motif being published on the blog each month. (You may need Google to translate the page for you when you visit the blog). This is FREE and registration is not necessary. You’ll find the first blog post about the SAL at and the thread list at

Prickly but Cute stitch-a-longPrickly but Cute SAL from Fuzzy Fox Designs is a cactus themed stitch-a-long. The title doesn’t disappoint, they are definitely cute. The pattern pieces are $1.62 each in the Fuzzy Fox Designs Etsy shop and listed together in their own category When you purchase Astrid (the first cactus) you also get the border and full thread list.

game of thrones cross stitch a long Game of Thrones SAL from 8 Bit Stitching will give us all something to do while we wait for the final book and the new season of the television show. This is a 13 part SAL that begins February 1. Note that the chair pictured is not the SAL pattern, the design will be revealed later. The pattern is $8 and can purchased through the 8 Bit Stitching Etsy shop at

Cross Stitch SALs Happening in 2018

Mill Hill Mondays Perpetual Stitch-a-LongMill Hill Monday SAL is a new Facebook group for a perpetual stitch-a-long that I created for those of us who are addicted to stitching up Mill Hill kits. I’ll be stitching my Mill Hill kits on Mondays throughout the year and I invite you to join me and share your own project progress in the group. This is FREE to participate in. Bring your own stitching and join us on Facebook

never ending sampler SAL from kitty and me designsKitty and Me Designs Never-Ending Sampler SAL is exactly as it sounds, an ongoing stitch-a-long with pretty sampler bits from Pamela Kellogg. You can stitch all the parts or just some of the parts, or mix and match parts in different orders. Since it’s ongoing indefinitely, there’s no exact size or stitch count to give and everyone’s pieces will be totally different. You’ll find all the information at

neglected floss SAL biscornu The Neglected Floss SAL is an ongoing project put together by a group at DeviantArt that’s going on its third year now. This year they’re going to have 12 biscornu patterns (47 x 47 stitch count each) to help you use up those leftover bits and pieces of threads that you just can’t part with. There will also be a border provided (153 x 202 stitches) in case you’d like to stitch them as a sampler instead. I really love this idea and I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone stitches. This is a FREE stitch-a-long and you can find all of the details at

gifted gorgeousness stitch-a-longGifted Gorgeousness SAL from Serendipitous Stitching is all about the generosity of stitchers. Each month on the 15th you post about anything which is a gift, either to you or for someone else. You’ll find the sign up page and all of the information at

stitching smalls SAL cross stitch Smalls SAL at Stitching Lotus is an ongoing bring your own design sort of SAL. Stitch one small design of your choosing per month and share your finish on the last Friday of each month. You’ll find the information, including the monthly dates, on the Stitching Lotus blog at

 WIPocalypse stitch-a-longWIPocalypse is an annual SAL in it’s 7th year for 2018. You make a list of the works-in-progress that you want to make progress on throughout the year and check in each month. There are additional challenges and themes to keep everyone motivated and having fun. You’ll find the information for 2018, including the monthly themes and the Olympic Stitching challenge, on Measi’s blog at

International Hermit & Stitch Weekend (IHSW)International Hermit & Stitch Weekend has been going on for several years and takes place the 3rd full weekend of each month, from Friday through Sunday. We’re all busy and life is hectic, so the idea here is to set aside one weekend to get some stitching done and relax. This SAL has been moved to a Facebook group, but the information is still available at and of course you can still blog about your progress and stitching projects. You can join the group at

ongoing ornament stitch a longChristmas Ornament SAL for 2018 You might remember from last year’s post that this is one of those forever ongoing SALs and is FREE to participate in for folks who want to stitch holiday ornaments throughout the year. You can even sign up to post your ornaments on the blog. You’ll find all of the information on themes and signing up at

TUSAL totally useless sal cross stitch ortsTUSAL ~ aka the Totally Useless SAL ~ This one has been around for awhile. The idea is to empty your ort jar (your thread scraps) on the New Moon of every month and share a photo of your snippets. It’s free to participate in and it’s a fun way to look back and your stitching progress over the month. You’ll find all of the info on DaffyCat’s Stitching Blog under the TUSAL label

This is certainly not an exhaustive list of all the stitch-a-longs and groups that are out there in the cross stitching world this year, but it’s a good starting point if you’re looking for an SAL to participate in. If you know of one that I haven’t mentioned, please do leave a comment below and point us in the right direction to join and stitch along! 🙂 Enjoy & Happy Stitching!

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  1. tiffany c winchester says:
  2. Thank you for sharing this. Happy New Year!!

  3. Wow! This really helpfull. Learned about new sal’s!

  4. Yay! Thanks

  5. the Armada SAL is $12 for the pattern. Not $20

    • Thanks for catching that! I think I was looking at the pattern + the needle minder when I made my notes for the list.

  6. Modern Folk Embroidery has a Quaker SAL that just started. Border pattern is free, 1st installment is GBP .75 and following installments GBP 1.50 each.

    • That one is a little tricky to get, but it looks like it’s going to be lovely! Adding it to the list today 😉

  7. Thank you so much for including my Weavers Tapestry Band Sampler SAL!

    You might not know it but I am also doing 2 more free monthly SAL’s – one is a long term SAL that is going into it’s 3rd year that I host with friends on Deviant Art, it’s to encourage people to use their neglected floss! It’s called the Neglected Floss SAL and more information about what we are up to can be found here:

    The other SAL is the return of the Ornament of the Month SAL – I did this in 2015 and am doing it again, this time on my blog – it starts on Friday 5th January and more information will be made available at that time 🙂

  8. Also.. not mine but it’s free and a lot of fun is: you get a border, or two every week that you can stitch onto 20 cm/ 8″ banding – or a bit of fabric. The patterns are taken from old samplers one of the two people involved in this has collected. The site is in Dutch and English.

  9. The list of SALs grew a little today ~ just added a few more! (actually still have more to add, but I need to go take care of some client work first)

  10. Thank you for including the Totally Useless Stitch A Long!

  11. Just added two more to the list 😉

  12. Dorothy C Hartel says:

    Wow! Thanks for listing all these SALs.
    The EGA Stitch-a-long FB page offers a new project each month. It may be free or a selection from their magazine.
    The ANG website stitch of the month, which creates a finished project, is free but you need to be a member.

  13. Corey Milligan

  14. iStitch Designs – Red Band Sampler SAL – Alphabets and bands stitched on 100cm of linen banding!

  15. Sue Deery says:

    I believe Lakeside needlecraft has one for cats and one for dogs as well

    • Just added that one 😉 The details hadn’t been posted yet when I started the list, but I see they’re up now and everything is ready ~ so cute!

  16. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. It was very helpful. I discovered some new SALS to join!

  17. bumblesby says:

    The ships manor SAL is quite appealing to me! There is also a 12 month SAL at Tiny Modernist 🙂
    .. and at their Etsy site

    • I am probably a bit biased when it comes to Ship’s Manor designs, I love pretty much everything Erik puts out 😉

      Just added the Tiny Modernist year long sal to the list, too. Cute little critters are always a winner.

  18. Thank you so much for this list! Checking a few of these out

  19. Thanks!!!

  20. Hi,
    There is a free SAL on this blog as well;

    The exact information is on this post;

    Thanks so much for compiling this information.


  21. What an awesome list! I am sharing the link in the groups I am in.

    I run a themed SAL called Gifted Gorgeousness where you post about anything which is a gift, either to you or for someone else.

    I’m also part of the International Hermit & Stitch Weekend (IHSW) team, now on FB

    There is Measi’s WIPocalypse on both blogs and FB

    And Heather’s Smalls SAL:

    I think that’s most of them!

  22. Thanks for sharing .. !!! 🙂

  23. Don’t forget Cloudsfactory! Almost every stitcher I know is doing that one.

    • Thank you for reminding me! I had Cloudsfactory in my notes, but somehow missed them when I was making the list.

  24. Added some more to the list today ~ and still have even more to add! Thank you everyone for sharing the list and sending me notes about other SALs – keep them coming! <3

  25. the list is up to 30 SALs right now 😮 (and I still have at least 5 more to add!)

  26. I am running one as well – I’m a bit new in the stitching world 🙂 You can see photos and things at Fuzzy Fox Designs on Facebook and Instagram. Mine’s more for beginners and lovers of all things cute 😛

  27. Added several more to the list this morning!
    Need more coffee now ☕

  28. I just saw that Lesley Teare is also doing a second SAL: Flowers and butterflies 😀

  29. has a free (donations appreciated) mystery SAL that starts around June/July and runs for around 6 weeks.

  30. Here is another free SAL. It is in Russian, so you may need Google Translate;


  31. Ruby Struiksma says:

    Maybe you would like this one as well; Veronique is holding a Hardanger Blue Secret Sampler

  32. Good Morning Loretta,
    Lesley Teare also has a Flower Sampler this year as well.
    Thanks for your list it’s awesome. .. 🙂

  33. Hi there and thank you the mention here in blog. At your suggestion, I am letting know about some other of my SALs. One just beginning this month is Catch the Wind at $5 with a suggestion to use Ship’s Manor floss;
    Another is Blue Poppy $12 with a myriad of instructions on how to create some beautiful specialty stitches in a pretty, antique style band sampler; Springtime Easter Delight is $5, full of flowers and bunnies at; Wildflower Woodland Quaker SAL $5

  34. heya! I’ve got a new Advent Calendar SAL that started early April.

    There’s a total of 8 parts which will be released 1 month at a time, ending in November in time for Christmas.
    Link to part 1 :


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