Getting to Know the Stitching Community: Gail from CrossStitchCards

I want to take a little time each week to get to know the members of the stitching community as a whole, stitchers, designers, enthusiasts, we all love needlework and we all are passionate about what we do. Let’s share our passion and get to know each other a little better.

This week we are chatting it up with Gail from Cross Stitch Cards (you might recognize her finished Peacock stitching pictured here if you follow her on Facebook, Twitter, or Squidoo!)

Let’s start off with where you can find Gail and how you can reach her etc…

Gail’s Artfire Studio
Facebook with Gail
Twitter with Gail @CrossStitchCard

On to the stitchy questions!

What’s your favorite type of cross stitch project to work on?

I enjoy small, medium and large projects and usually go through phases of what I am working on. Currently, I am working on a series of small projects, as I want to see fast results. I am making lots of greetings cards. In contrast, during a house move last year, I set aside my cards and resumed a large project for a few weeks. That one still remains unfinished.

Do you have a favorite designer?

Not really, it is usually the design itself that catches my attention first. Sometimes you see a chart or kit and think: “I just have to stitch that!”. I am sure you understand what I mean! More recently, I have been designing my own cards from scratch which has been very satisfying!

How big is your stitch stash?

Quite large. I have a large set of stacking drawers in my workspace at home which contain new kits, completed work, and all the fancy paper, card blanks and embellishments for my greetings cards. I have two boxes full of Anchor and DMC thread, so I don’t normally have a problem finding a suitable color match for any project.

How long have you been stitching? How did you learn?

I have been stitching for just over 10 years. I am basically self taught. It all started when I had a few days off sick from work and picked up a stitching magazine. I had always been reasonably competent with “home economic” type tasks like sewing on buttons, so I thought “How hard can it be?” Not hard at all, as it turned out – plus lots and lots of fun!

The project below was my very first attempt at cross stitch:

Do you have any “in real life friends” to share your stitching with in person, or maybe a local stitch-n-bitch with a local stitch group? Tell us about so we can be jealous 🙂

The only real-world stitching companion I have is my mother. However, it is not easy for us to share our projects as I live in California and she lives in England (where I am from originally). I have thought about starting a local Meet-Up group for cross stitchers in my area, but haven’t gotten around to it just yet. I have a lot of interaction with my fans on my Facebook page which is great. They keep me inspired. I would love to have some face-to-face stitching contacts, though.

What project finish are you most proud of?

I guess my best piece of work so far is my peacock (shown above). I am going to be getting it framed later this year, but it is currently stored in my stitching cupboard. Another piece I am proud of is this French Country Cottage design. It’s simple, yet draws the mind to the idea of Spring and flowers. I think it’s quite an uplifting piece:

Bonus question: Add anything you’d like to share here about stitching!

It is the one thing I could do all day! My housework suffers on a regular basis because I cannot seem to detach the needle and thread from my hands!
I am enjoying designing my own cards and get most of my design/color ideas during afternoon naps!

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know Gail as much as I have. Be sure to connect with her and say hello today!

Happy Stitching!

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  1. Thank you so much for asking me to be part of your blog! I love to connect with the stitching and handcrafting community!

  2. Great interview! I still have my first cross stitch project but wouldn’t dare show it to anyone… Your work is lovely Gail, I think I’ve only seen your cards and smaller sized items but I really love the French Country Cottage. 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing yourself with us! Your cards are beautiful! :


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    […] Loretta Oliver is one of my online stitching buddies, and I have been following her Facebook page for some time now.  She writes with knowledge about many stitching topics, allows us stitchers to use free patterns from her website, and has a very interesting blog where she shares her own experiences.  She often features other stitchers work on her site and I am delighted to say that this is not the first time she has written about me.  You can find her previous article here. […]

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