Loretta’s Annual Report of the Stitching for 2012

Last year I didn’t have a lot of finishes to share at the end of the year, or even a lot of progress to share. Fortunately, 2012 has shaped up to be a nice year of stitching for me. Let’s have a look…

2012 Ornament Club Snowflake – My own design

Status: Finished January 31st. 2012 Ornament Pattern Club Cross Stitch Snowflake

The Raven by La D Da

Status: Finished May 6th.
Finished Stitching The Raven by La D Da

Ornament Club Pattern #5 Quakerish Ornament – my own design

Status: Finished June 27th.
Ornament Club Pattern #5 at Stitching the Night Away

Dream is a Wish – San-Man Originals

Status: Finished August 6, 2012

I also made decent progress on Pirate Treasure and I almost finished Paisley Pumpkin (just some beading left to do on that one). I did start a few small projects and did some test stitching for designs as well, but I was really bad about taking photos of things this year. I’ll have to do a better job of that going forward.

A few projects went untouched in 2012…. I forgot to backstitch my Green Dragon Bookmark an I haven’t put a single stitch in Winter Sun yet. I have Gaelic Banner kitted up and ready to go but I still can’t decide on a fabric.

What stitching did you finish in 2012?

Happy Stitching!

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  1. Lovely finishes! Most of mine were Mill Hill ornaments. Being unemployed for a majority of the year, I managed to stitch up quite a load.

    • I remember when you bought up all those Mill Hill kits and started stitching them! You’re probably Mill-Hilled out by now LOL

  2. Mike Stewart says:

    I finished a number of projects, key among those was about 12 ornaments from the JCS 2012 Ornament issue. Most can be seen at The Stitchers Village web site. Every one in the family got ornaments this year. I also made major headway on my wedding sampler. Baltimore Rose by Rosewood Manor. One goal is to finish it in 2013. Currently working on Believe by Mill Hill, it will probably be my first finish in 2013. Well, time to get back to stitching. Peace and hugs from PA!

    • I just picked up a Rosewood Manor chart this week (blog post coming soon)
      12 ornaments from JCS issues is nothing to sneeze at, some of those patterns can be really detailed. I need to pull out my past issues and shuffle through them and pick a few ornaments to work on for this year, my JCS issues are all seriously neglected… I didn’t even buy a copy of 2012 ornament issue – oops!

  3. I got a late start, but did fairly well, including having one large finish, which I get to keep. http://silentsgirl.wordpress.com/2012/12/31/2012-a-year-in-stitches/

  4. I did really good in 2012. At the beginning of the year, I joined several ornament exchanges which kept me busy making ornaments for my partner and for me (figuring while I was at it may as well do one or more for myself) which kept me to it till April when I stopped the exchanges. Then I did a couple of Tribals by WWS–Santa Hat, Manatee, Penguin and I believe one other one but I can’t remember. I did several misc odd and end other projects but I would say my biggest accomplishment was finishing Crabby All Year by Raise the Roof. 🙂 My mojo apparently is taking a vacation (of which she didn’t ask permission) so as soon as she returns I’m looking forward to working on more Tribals and my goal for this year is to complete as many of the skull patterns I have to decorate my bathroom with finally. So that would be 6 of them from Prairie Moon and several of the Sue Hillis. 🙂

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