Stitchqueries: Should I Avoid Cashel Linen?

This question came to my email from Lisa about stitching on Cashel Linen.

Hi, Loretta. When you were stitching your snowflake pattern you twice mentioned that Cashel was not your favorite fabric choice, but you were using it from your existing stash. I’m new to evenweave/linen stitching and mostly just curious if there is a reason you don’t like the Cashel fabrics and if maybe I should avoid them in my stitching projects?

Good question. It’s really just personal preference on my part.

While I’m happy to stitch on just about any evenweave or linen fabric, Cashel is probably among my least favorite. I just find it to be very thin and have too many uneven threads for my liking – or maybe I should say for my eyesight, as the uneven threads tend to throw me off count a bit. I hope that makes sense.

My favorite fabrics right now are Jubilee, Lugana, and Jobelan.

Of course, that’s just me and others may have a different view of Cashel. I’d love to hear some varied opinions in the comments below, please chime in and let us know what your favorite (and least favorite) fabrics are.

Happy Stitching!

Cashel Linen on eBay:

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I’ve been a cross stitcher since I was 8 years old. It was something I learned as a Girl Scout when we did a project for a badge related to crafts and the group choose to cross stitch a holiday design on a red sweatshirt using waste canvas. (Talk about hard first project, that was such a pain!) I was one of the first ones finished and I’ve had a needle in my hand almost every day since then.


  1. RoseMary via STNA's Facebook Fan Page says:

    Cashel is one of those fabrics – we either love it or we hate it. I agree, it does seem thin and insubstantial, some of those threads are almost not there!

  2. Julie via STNA's Facebook Fan Page says:

    In a pinch I use it, but my preference is jobelan:)

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