Knitting and Needlework – Why You Should Get Involved!

For many knitting and sewing appear to be rapidly fading or at best rarely applicable arts in a world of increasing commercialism and technological dependency; these are skills are associated with grandmothers, maiden aunts or the occasional visit to a seamstress when circumstances demand a specially fitted costume. But, should one care to delve into the world of needlework and knitting, you will see that not only are these activities still alive and flourishing, they have many applicable uses and can fast become addictive!

The following are just a few of the reasons one should acquaint themselves with one or both of these practical skills.

1. They are incredibly useful!

It can be disproportionately upsetting when a favourite item of clothing snags or tears, and many people will be too worried about further damaging said item to risk taking a needle and thread to it. However, by learning just a few common stitches you will be able to mend, re-attach buttons and alter clothing, enabling you to keep your favourite clothes in top condition for longer and develop them into new items if you wish!

2. These skills keep your hands dexterous and occupied.

This may not seem instantly applicable, but it has been shown that snacking whilst watching TV is one of the most weight-increasing habits practised in the UK. As we sit stationary in front of the screen we seem compelled to occupy ourselves in other ways – namely eating and drinking. Should you choose to swap your crisps, nuts or cups of tea for some mending, a set of knitting needles or a crochet hook, you will miss out on all those surplus calories and perhaps even burn some extra!

3. Christmas is coming…

Some may shy away from the idea of making holiday gifts as they worry it can come across as ‘cheap’, but if done well a home-made gift really can be more economical and be just as well received as a present that is clearly incredibly expensive – perhaps even more so because it is a one-off! Knitted hats and scarves are amongst the easiest items to create, but with some help from a crochet or knitting teacher you could be whipping up gloves, balaclavas, or even full-body knitted cat-suits!

About Isabel Monroe

Isabel Monroe is a free-lance writer and tutor for First Tutors. In addition to academic tutoring First Tutors also runs a sister website that focuses on Arts and Crafts.


  1. Lori Winslow says:

    This is so true. Last year I decided to crochet my own scarves for winter rather than go and buy something just from the store. I loved the finished product and will be making more this year.

  2. I agree! My family has come to expect thier uearly cross stitched ornament and to me there is nothing better than being able to stitch something for someone that is personalized to fit them.

  3. Linda Bates says:

    I don’t have a website yet,but I enjoy making my Christmas Gifts when I can. It feels so much more like a gift when I can put something into a loved ones hands that truly came from my heart and I made by myself. When I remember the gifts I treasure the most, it is the things I know someone took the time to pick out special or make special for me.


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