Stitching Bloggers #9: Stitching Tools and Aides

Welcome back and happy October! Blog Hop #8 has been closed, but you can still visit the page to see all of the participants and read about their favorite projects. It was a lot of fun for me to visit those and have a peek into everyone’s faves 🙂

For this round of the blog hop, I want to talk about stitching tools and aides. Things like magnifiers, thread cutters, counting pins, laying tools, and we can even revisit lap stands and floor frames as part of this category if you want.

The blogging prompt for blog hop #9 is:

What are your must-have stitching tools and aides? Other than your trusty scissors, of course. Is there a problem you have had when stitching that you created your own solution for, or have you purchased a tool that helped?

I suppose in addition to that also would be if you’re having a problem while stitching that you haven’t found a solution for yet, what kind of tool are you looking for? Maybe we can make some suggestions or you’ll find something in this blog hop round that will help making your stitching more enjoyable.

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I look forward to seeing everyone’s responses for this round. Happy stitching 🙂

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  1. I just got one of those floor stand frame things that holds the work…it is great, but how do i turn thie projecy over while it isnattached to the frame so incan tie off the thread. What a dilemma …….


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