Finishing Your Cross Stitching on a Budget Part III: Avoid the Frame!

So you think framing is scary.  Or you’ve run out of wall space for frames so you’re looking for alternatives.  In any case, I like small stuff that I don’t have to frame.  I’ll drool over large pretty pieces but I never seem to start any of them because I like things that I can stitch quickly and finish without framing in just a few hours.

I love working with perforated plastic, perforated paper and vinyl weave because it takes very little to finish and is really easy to drop into a frame.  Let’s look at some examples.

Here are some cute mini sampler of the month out of 365 Tiny Cross Stitch Designs.  I made these for my mother.  They are stitched on plastic canvas so all I had to do to finish them was cut them out.  And here’s what they go with:

I made her a nice nameplate out of plastic canvas and she can change it for every season.  Cheap, yet cute.

You can even make pieces that are ready to hang with a little wire like this piece from Dimensions:

If you really would rather work with fabric, may I suggest a banner…

I tend to do a lot with frayed Aida.  I find that it tends to stay together even after fraying.  And the stiffness that a lot of people don’t like about working with it makes it idea for doing things like this journal:

I just attached it with some craft glue and it was good to go.

You can also buy these nifty cloth frames at most LNS.  The one in this picture was a little pricey, but if you are a wiz on the sewing machine, you might consider making your own.

Here’s an example of where I made my own cool fabric hanger using some batting and strips of fabric that I sewed onto the design.

If you want something a bit more functional, you can always do a set of coasters.  I’ve seen a few different styles of coaster so you can get something that suits your design.  I made these for a wedding present.

And let’s not forget bellpulls

I hope I’ve inspired you to get a little experimental with your cross stitch finishes and to think outside the frame 😉

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I started playing with string when I was 16 and my mom bought me a Learn-A-Craft kit of a frog (because I love frogs). I discovered that cross stitching is a wonderful hobby when you go to college in the middle of nowhere Minnesota. Now that I'm married with two children, I stitch when I get a chance. Just finished my masters in teaching and hoping to get my first teaching job.

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  1. Love these ideas, especially that journal!

  2. I have this 12 month sampler on my list for 2013 finishes. I think I am on July!

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