Knit and Crochet Group Creating Projects for the Children of Sandy Hook Elementary


Photo from 600 Monsters Strong for Connecticut Facebook Page

Here at Stitching the Night Away we often talk about stitching is our therapy, a way to relieve stress and melt away the frustrations of the day. The same goes for any kind of “stitching” and when faced with situations like what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School we creative folks often find ourselves picking up our needles, thread, yarn, and fabric a little more often trying to remind ourselves that there is good in the world and we just have to look for it.

If you knit or crochet a group called 600 Monsters Strong for Connecticut has formed through Ravelry to produce soft cuddly monster toys to send to each child of the Sandy Hook Elementary School in the Spring. The group is waiting until Spring so that the children and families realize that long after the news cameras and helicopters are gone we are all still thinking of them, we still care, and we know that their pain won’t disappear just because the camera crews have left the area.

If you’re interested in joining the group and creating your own fluffy soft toy creation to the group donation you can find out more about the guidelines and where to send your items through Facebook or through

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  1. My Yahoo group, World of Charity Stitching, is creating a quilt for one of the families from Newtown, CT. It is going to be a quilt made of ” Encouraging Words”. We hope this will bring some small comfort to one of the families. If we get enough members stitching squares, we will make more than one quilt. If you’d like to join in this quilt, you can go to our website and join us to make your square for the quilt.

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