Sharpening Stone

448Stork Scissors. My cutting accessory of choice. I searched for the right pair, silver finish as opposed to gold or brass, fit, function. All these qualities were important to me. I am very careful to just use them on fabric and thread, absolutely no paper, and after I am finished, I sheath them.

But what happens after you play with your toys month after month? Wear and tear. So I put out the call last year for a Christmas present that involved a sharpening implement.

This is what they came up with…


I like it but it involves soaking and cleaning of the stone. What is your best method of sharpening your beloved implements?

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  1. I am facing a similar dilemma and can’t wait to see what our fellow stitchers have to say.

  2. Lisa Thompson says:

    the easiest way to sharpen scissors is to cut through some fine sandpaper, coarser for really dull blades

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