Who’s on Pinterest?

Imagine a room where every wall is covered in Bulletin Boards.

You’ve given each Board has a unique title/name.

Each Board has pictures pinned on it.

You’ve found these pictures on the internet or from other Boards..

One Board is named “I Love Cross Stitch” and you’ve pinned your favorite cross stitch designs on it.

If you are already on Pinterest, you know exactly what I’m talking about…. right Loretta?  😉

To me Pinterest is a visual candy store.  You can get lost in it, addicted to it, love it or just not get it.

I personally love it and get tons of ideas not only with new cross stitch designs, but garden, home, food .. lots of food ideas!

If you haven’t jumped in yet here’s what it’s all about –

You have to sign up to see all the “pins”.  There are probably millions!   You can sign up with your Facebook or Twitter account or with an email address.

By signing in with Facebook, you can see other Facebook friends who are on Pinterest.  You can “Follow” them if you’d like and you can follow all of their boards or just a few .. up to you.  I’ve started following some people and their style isn’t my style, so I “Unfollow” them … don’t worry they don’t know when you unfollow a board.

What you do is you put a “Pin It” button in your Favorites Bar – (don’t worry when you get into Pinterest there are instructions on how to do this).  Then, when you’re on a website and see something you like, you can “Pin It” to one of your Boards or make a new Board.  You can also look at other Pins and Pin them to one of your boards.

If you are a creative person, I know you’ll love Pinterest!  www.Pinterest.com

A few of my recent Cross Stitch Pins – (That I’ve found from other Pinners and Re-Pinned to my Cross Stitch board)

Girl with flowers Love Cross Stitch with birds Necklace Owl Cross Stitch


I know it can be confusing until you jump in and start pinning … don’t worry, you’ll get it!  Have fun!!

Follow me on Pinterest – http://pinterest.com/karen_ezell/





About Karen

I've been cross stitching for over 25 years and last year I put two of my hobbies - Camping and Cross Stitch - together and now design and sell camping themed cross stitch patterns and kits. It's been a lot of fun and I've met new cross stitch friends who camp too! My site is Camp Cross Stitch and I also have a camping website that is a work in progress- www.TheCampSite.com If you are a camper come over and say Hi!


  1. I am quick becoming a Pinterest junkie!!

  2. Fully addicted. 🙂

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