Different Techniques for your Thread

As part of what I like to call my ongoing “thread studies”, I came across this fabulous book a while back.


It is a thread and time consuming practice called “needle painting”. The finished work is so beautiful, and I have tried my hand at a few of my own. Although mine are a bit more bold than Trish Burr, I one day strive for her delicacy and tremendous finish product. Here is one of my finishes:


About Rachel

I have been studying and working with various forms of needlework for the past ten or more years. I look to the stitching community for insights and expansion on my lifelong studies. My favorites are blackwork designs or projects with minimal needle changes that focus on the pattern, not necessarily the color. My completed portfolio is available publicly on Flickr. You can also find me on Twitter, Pinterest, Etsy, stitchbyrachel.com and of course on Facebook


  1. Yes I do this!! Thank you for posting!!

    • She is typically using silk threads in her lessons, and I am using good old fashioned DMC so the finish will be different, but I thought I would practice with the materials I have before committing to a master project. PLUS, I am not used to doing projects with one thread, so its a bit more delicate and challenging that traditional cross stitch. I tried it with some bamboo thread but it was bulky…

  2. I splurged and got this book for myself a while back. I love to look at it. Evrything is beautiful. I am no where near being able to copy the techniques….yet!

  3. Vicki via STNA's Facebook Fan Page says:

    Wow. Your work is awesome.

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