Saying Goodbye to Hancock Fabrics

When they announced stores were closing on April 1st I hoped that it was an awful April Fool’s Day joke, but it wasn’t. They started liquidating everything.


They were the nicest fabric store in my area (and within walking distance of my home) so I was really bummed out. Even more so because my son works there. Today is the last day for our store, I’m not sure if it’s the same everywhere. I stopped in yesterday and there was almost nothing left; mostly the print sewing patterns, spools of thread, and a few bolts of fabric. Even a lot of the display stands were already marked as sold.

If I needed fabric or yarn, Hancock Fabrics was the place to go. If I ran out of DMC 310 mid-project and wanted to finish something the same day, Hancock Fabrics was the place to go. If I was having a rough day and wanted to go look at pretty fabrics in the afternoon, Hancock Fabrics was the place to go. While they didn’t have a very large cross stitching section, they did have more than a Joanns or Michaels craft store would have – DMC, some aida, some kits in both stamped and counted, even some white and off-white evenweave, hoops, scissors, threaders, and the like. It was a good store and I’m very sad to see them go.

I’m not sure where I’ll go shopping next time I want to choose fabric in person. I don’t mind shopping online, no secret there, but I also enjoy browsing the bolts and finding those quirky little fabric prints that aren’t always shown front and center online. Those are always my favorites.

Like these cuties that I picked up back in March….
picked up a few fun fabrics to play with

*sigh* Sad days.

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  1. Personally, I’m surprised they’ve hung on for this long. When I was young, my mom used to make most of our clothes and even embroidered on them. i haven’t seen much of anyone buying cloth these days. Most of the people I did see where my age (60) and older. I don’t think a lot of young people sew.

  2. Will miss Hancock Fabrics also. In fact I have used one of those fun fabrics pictured here.

  3. It seems we stitchers have fewer and fewer options for shopping in person. Even the chain stores have reduced their offerings for cross stitch. While buying on line is great, I like to feel fabric before I buy it!

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