February Stitching and Stash Acquisition

A quick look at everything I stitched on in February…

Things got off to a rough start, everyone had the flu virus thing that was going around at the beginning of the month and it was a week of spraying Lysol and going through cough drops like candy. I think that’s the first time all six of us were sick at the same time in the history of ever (which is weird, right?)

I didn’t stitch every day, but I do feel like I made some good progress and I really enjoyed working the stitch along projects this month. Participating in those groups has really kept my stitching mojo motivated and excited to see how everyone in the groups is progressing.

finished february section rainbow sal a little birdie appeared and we have a corner

Stitching progress on: (each linked to their corresponding posts here)

Stash Acquired:

Not stash exactly, but I picked up a set of Handiclamp scroll bars, because extra scrolls and q-snaps are always nice to have around when you’re alternating projects.

I do have the velcro system from American Dream that goes with my E-Z stitch lap stand, but sometimes I feel like I’m not getting the placement right of the velcro strip and then my tension isn’t exact and I spend more time fussing with it than I do stitching the project … I’m thinking the Handiclamp bars are going to be a nice midway point between q-snaps and scrolls that will be just right 😉 I’ll let you know how it goes!

Designing and New Pattern Releases:

I don’t have any new designs to show you this month, but I do have a few that will be coming out in March so stay tuned for those.

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  1. You made good progress on your SAL projects! I’ve fallen woefully behind on my Linen and Threads SAL progress (still not finished with the January section) but someone on Facebook suggested I skip ahead to February (or March) and then go back and work on the first band as the mood strikes me. (Hmmmm….you’re “allowed” to jump around!?) Look forward to your next updates!!

    • After two rounds with the flu and then some crazy allergy/sinus thing after that, I’m pretty far behind too, still working on the January band for Linen & Threads sampler and only have the outline a little bit of March on the Rainbow SAL. Finally starting to feel normal, so looking forward to stitching daily again.

      Jumping around is definitely allowed, that January band was big and intensive stitching 😉

  2. Sorry about the flu, hope you’ve fully recovered now, Oooh….I do love the look of those scroll bars and am very curious about how to use it. I don’t have many hoops/frames. So far, my favourite is an 8×8 q-snap which I carry everywhere.

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