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I've been stitching for 35 years now after first learning to needlepoint at the age of 6. A day is not complete unless my needle, floss and fabric meet. My quest to learn more & grow in my craft never ends. I'm hoping that some day my cross stitch "empire" can be my full-time job and retirement. Hey, we all have to have dreams! :)

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Fabric Stash – Do You Have One?

When I first started stitching I was the type of stitcher that only worked on one project at a time, and did nothing but pre-assembled kits you can purchase at any major craft store that included 14 count white or cream aida.  Then I joined a guild and learned all about UFOs (unfinished objects), having a stash, etc.  I’m no longer a member of that guild, but treasure most of the experiences I had with it.  Including one of the instructors, Karen Duggan from Massachusetts.  She changed my stitching life!  She was the first person that said to me, “Don’t be afraid to make it your own. Change the floss colors, use a different fabric, whatever.  It’s your piece and make it something you like and want to stitch.”

It was after that conversation that my stash started growing…more kits, patterns, fabric, you name it.  My fabric choices back then were limited to the small selection of 14 count Aida that Jo-Ann’s carried.  Honestly I was afraid to try anything other than that.  I kept with the standard white or cream and sometimes used a pastel pink or blue.
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The LNS – A Dying Breed

When I started discussing with Loretta being a contributor to her site, I had to think what I wanted to write about.  I have my own blog that I post to on an almost daily basis and I didn’t want to duplicate content that my readers may have already seen.  After much thought, I decided featuring various local needlework shops (LNS), that people may not be aware of, would be a great idea.  They’re quickly becoming extinct, and as avid stitchers, we need to do all we can to save them.  Between STNA and my own sites, there are more than 4,000 stitchers that could be introduced to new shops to buy from.

Unfortunately the idea didn’t go as planned. [Read more…]

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