Stitching in Epic Proportions


A few months ago, when I first started guest blogging here, I talked about how I prefer to stitch smaller projects.  It’s mostly because they don’t take forever to finish and also are less expensive to finish.  But occasionally, one has to stitch something truly epic.  And I mean EPIC!  Lord of the Rings kind of EPIC.  My goal for this year was to stitch a bunch of ornaments, however, I too have been bitten by the EPIC stitching bug.  [Read more...]

Different Techniques for your Thread

As part of what I like to call my ongoing “thread studies”, I came across this fabulous book a while back.


It is a thread and time consuming practice called “needle painting”. The finished work is so beautiful, and I have tried my hand at a few of my own. Although mine are a bit more bold than Trish Burr, I one day strive for her delicacy and tremendous finish product. Here is one of my finishes:


Organizing the Craft Closet On a Budget

craft suppliesAlthough it doesn’t feel like it in some parts, Spring has begun. I’ve been preparing for this time of year for a couple weeks by going room to room to decipher what to toss, what to keep and what to donate. In doing so, one thing became abundantly clear; almost every room in the house needs more closet storage, from the kitchen down to the laundry room. But the area with the greatest need for a makeover is the craft closet.
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Assissi Work

Assissi stitching….

I have been doing some research on European stitching techniques over the years and I was wondering if any of you have done any work related directly or indirectly to the Assissi method…
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Resources and Tools to Market Your Craft Business Online

market-craft-biz280I know many of our readers here at Stitching the Night Away also run small craft businesses and sell their wares online – I’ve bought cool stash goodies and finished products from many of you, I love how creative our community is :) – so today I wanted to share this very cool package from Crissy over at IndieBizChicks that is specifically designed to help crafty folks with their business marketing.

When you’re crafty and creative you want to put your focus on being just that, crafty and creative, and spend less time on the marketing and the day-to-day stuff. This huge package of resources was created to help you do exactly that.

The first thing you get is the Market Your Craft Biz Online, Without Going Broke workbook, which is 20+ pages of awesomeness. This piece alone is worth the price of the package, but you get so much more…
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