Finishing Your Cross Stitching on a Budget Part III: Avoid the Frame!

So you think framing is scary.  Or you’ve run out of wall space for frames so you’re looking for alternatives.  In any case, I like small stuff that I don’t have to frame.  I’ll drool over large pretty pieces but I never seem to start any of them because I like things that I can stitch quickly and finish without framing in just a few hours.

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Finishing Your Cross Stitch on a Budget Part II: Mounting Woes

So you went shopping and found the perfect frame for your “frame it yourself” piece.  But everything is still sitting in plastic bags because you realized that you have to mount your work yourself and it’s terrifying you.  Do you lace it?  Do you pin it? How will you ever get it straight?  What if you ruin your work?

I’ll admit that I’m not perfect at mounting my work.  However, I find that practice makes perfect so let me share a few things that I’ve discovered as I’ve mounted some stuff of my own

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Back to Basics Wednesday – Ways to Start Your Stitching

Howdy stitchy folk! I am a newbie stitcher (I have only been at it for a couple of years), so I have decided to share some of the little wisdom I have compiled during my journeys through cross stitching blogs, tutorials, YouTube videos and Yahoo groups with all of you in a series I am calling “Back to Basics”.

I’ve realized that when it comes to the needle arts everyone has their own way of doing everything, which means there is always a newer/cheaper/easier way to make your projects beautiful. Luckily for me, I know I don’t know much at all so I am always on the lookout for better ways to make my stitching time more enjoyable. First up on Back to Basics Wednesdays, a how-to on starting your threads. [Read more…]

Finishing Your Cross Stitch on a Budget Part I: Creative Framing

Admit it.  There are a whole bunch of pieces that you’ve spent hours upon hours stitching only to end up in a tote or box somewhere because you can’t afford to frame it. I feel your pain.  I was a poor college student before I became a poor married mother of two.  I’ve only had a few things professionally framed and after shelling out that amount of money, I tried to frame whatever I could myself.  Now this task may seem a bit daunting but it is doable with a bit of practice and a lot of patience.

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The LNS – A Dying Breed

When I started discussing with Loretta being a contributor to her site, I had to think what I wanted to write about.  I have my own blog that I post to on an almost daily basis and I didn’t want to duplicate content that my readers may have already seen.  After much thought, I decided featuring various local needlework shops (LNS), that people may not be aware of, would be a great idea.  They’re quickly becoming extinct, and as avid stitchers, we need to do all we can to save them.  Between STNA and my own sites, there are more than 4,000 stitchers that could be introduced to new shops to buy from.

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Stitching: Solitary or Solitude?

After reading years of books, magazines, and web content about stitchers and their stitching, I have noticed one prominent theme. We typically stitch alone.

id_rather_be_crossstitchingAre we all loners? Not at all! I don’t think so. There are many who like to stitch with friends, as a group, maybe even belong to a guild. But most of my reading indicates that we all like a QSnap/Lapstand/Floorstand, a comfy chair, and DVDs playing in the background while we pluck away at our projects.

I was re-reading all the Blog Hops of late, and I found them very revealing. It seemed as though almost everyone who contributed was a solo stitcher. Personally, my reason is somewhat of an escape – the one part of the days or weeks of chaos that I can take just for myself. What is your reason?
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Stitching on a Budget

As most of us know, the U.S. economy is pretty lousy right now.  I know first hand.  I’ve been laid off since June.  Cross stitching can be a pretty expensive habit so what do you do when you lose the funding for your favorite (and addicting) hobby?  Well, I’m here today to give you a few pointers that I’ve found helpful to keep your habit fed without giving up necessities (like paying rent or food, etc..) or going into the dreaded cross stitching withdrawal. [Read more…]

Knitting and Needlework – Why You Should Get Involved!

For many knitting and sewing appear to be rapidly fading or at best rarely applicable arts in a world of increasing commercialism and technological dependency; these are skills are associated with grandmothers, maiden aunts or the occasional visit to a seamstress when circumstances demand a specially fitted costume. But, should one care to delve into the world of needlework and knitting, you will see that not only are these activities still alive and flourishing, they have many applicable uses and can fast become addictive!

The following are just a few of the reasons one should acquaint themselves with one or both of these practical skills.

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Bookmark Tutorial from Camp Cross Stitch

I get asked for great finishing tutorials all the time, so when I find one I like to share it here with you. This one is for finishing a fringed bookmark and was put together by Camp Cross Stitch using their I <3 2 Camp pattern…


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There Are Three Things You Don’t Mess With

So we had our discussion about stash obsession and acquisition and our crazy need to have more stash than we could ever possibly stitch. But, in addition to that obsessive stockpiling of cross stitch supplies I am also very protective of my stash.

There are three things you don’t mess with me on – my children, my computer, and my stitching stash.

I remember when we were moving to Virginia from Pennsylvania (gosh, nearly 8 years ago) and I had carefully put everything into a three drawer Rubbermaid tower and taped the drawers shut. The movers tried to load it onto the truck [Read more…]

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