Journaling Your Cross Stitch Projects

Written by Rebecca Williamson for Stitching the Night Away

There are as many different reasons for keeping a cross stitch journal as there are projects to keep track of! Some might keep one so that they can tell how many hours they put into each project. Another might keep one so they can go back and remember just what was going through their minds while they worked. Someone else might just like to keep a record of how far they got in one day. Whatever your reason, there are PLENTY of ways to make your journal as much of an enjoyment as your finished pieces. [Read more…]

Have You Been to

One of my favorite stitcher’s resources is Cyber Stitchers online community of stitchers each has their own free gallery to display cross-stitch projects. Also, providing free patterns, including some of my very own designs.

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Finishing Tutorials by Dani (TKDchick)

I was wanting to do a good series of finishing tutorials, but I don’t think I could have possibly done any better than what Dani the finishing queen of the TWBB has already done for all us stitchers.

If you haven’t seen Dani’s finishing tutorials already, they are simply fantastic. [Read more…]

Cross Stitching Over Two on Evenweave or Linen Fabrics

Stitching Over Two on Evenweave or Linen How to Guide by Loretta Oliver at

Cross stitching on linen or evenweave fabrics might be intimidating to someone that has only stitched on aida cloth before.  But, I assure you that it’s not as hard as one might think.  Infact, in most cases it’s easier, especially when it comes to quarter and three-quarter stitches that give a piece detail and finished edges to a design, or to add turns inside borders.

Here are few illustrations to help you out with your first “over two” project.  Over two basically means over two threads of the fabric.  If you were stitching on aida cloth, you would be stitching “over one”. [Read more…]

Shopping for Out of Print Cross Stitch Patterns

written by by Rebecca Williamson for Stitching the Night Away

I was pondering a question the other day as I shelled out $59 for an out of print cross stitch pattern–what is the best way to find these “hard-to-find” cross stitching charts? The best way I’ve found so far is an auction site, such as or

Another way to go about acquiring some of these charts at lower prices is to compile a stash “wish list”. [Read more…]

Why Do You Cross Stitch?

written by Pam Cirincione (aka Sleepy) for Stitching the Night Away

Recently my husband and I took our two sons to visit his brother. He and his wife had just bought a new house and we were anxious to see it and our nephew. On the first night we were there, after all of the children were tucked in, I pulled out my cross stitching. My sister-in-law was interested in what I was working on and was asking me about it when she looked at me and said, “I don’t get it. Why do you stitch? I mean, what’s the point?”

That got me thinking about it. Why do I stitch? What is the point? [Read more…]

How to Make the French Knot Easier

written by Katrina Renouf

French knots are the bane of any stitcher. Many will completely avoid any pattern that calls for them while others will just suffer through them, never being satisfied with the results. There are ways to make the knot easier though.

One tip that I’ve heard is to use a beading needle. Since it is so much smaller, the knot won’t be pulled through the fabric. I still recommend using two threads and wrapping it twice around the needle though. [Read more…]

No Sew Cross Stitch Ornaments and Magnets

written by professional model stitcher Stacy Wells for Stitching the Night Away

Ornaments are such fun quick finishes. Hand made ornaments look great on any tree; make great presents and gift tags. I even hang some from doorknobs, and lamp switches. They stitch up so quickly, but sometimes finishing them into ornaments takes longer than stitching them. This is a quick no sew finish for a nice ornament. [Read more…]

Dye Your Own Cross Stitch Floss

written by Professional Model Stitcher Stacey Wells for Stitching the Night Away

You’ve seen all those pretty variegated hand dyed flosses? Well wouldn’t it be nice to be able to dye your own? You could do it. This is how I’ve dyed some of my own floss. [Read more…]

Finishing a Cross Stitch Bookmark

written by Professional Model Stitcher Stacey Wells for Stitching the Night Away

Bookmarks are great quickies to stitch up. Nice gifts for Teachers or just that special reader in your life. They are also often done for exchanges or charities. Here are a couple of neat ways of finishing the bookmark if you are not using a pre-finished item: [Read more…]

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