Cross Stitch Supplies

Welcome to the all new cross stitch supplies shopping section of Stitching the Night Away! Here you will find all those bits and bobbles that you might come to need during your cross stitch experience. Everything you need to cross stitch from floss to embroidery scissors, and more.

We’ll be adding to this section over time, so if you don’t see what you need, let us know and we’ll make sure it gets added to site. Happy stitching!

Embroidery Floss and Other Threads
… a few of my favorites are…

Cross Stitch Needles
…I only stitch with….

Fabrics for Cross Stitching
… these are my three favorite evenweaves for cross stitch…

Various Stitchables (afghans, bookmarks, etc…)
… fun for stitching gifts and decor items…

Beads, Charms, and Embellishments
… give your projects a little pizazz!…

Embroidery Hoops, Qsnaps, and other Frames
… keeping the fabric taught for nice even stitches…

(side note: I use an American Dream E-Z Stitch Lap Stand with a mixture of q-snaps and the American Dream scroll bars, depending on the size of project I’m stitching)

Extras, Lights, Magnifiers, and more….
… good lighting makes everything easier…

Art, Craft, and Sewing Supplies

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