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dmc embroidery flossDMC Embroidery Floss and Fibers are probably the most commonly used for cross stitch. You can find them in most hobby and craft stores as well as your favorite online cross stitch supply shops!  There are several different DMC styles:

  • Standard DMC 6 Strand Cotton Embroidery Floss
  • DMC Metallic Floss
  • DMC Rayon (aka Satin) Floss
  • DMC Linen Embroidery Threads
  • DMC Variegated Cotton Embroidery Floss
  • also available in DMC Variety Floss Packages

Anchor embroidery thread runs a close second in the popularity contest and is often found alongside DMC in hobby and craft shops.

Now let's get into the fun stuff! DMC and Anchor are the basic thread colors that are generally used for cross stitch projects, whether you purchase a chart and supplies seperately or you purchase a kit. But, there are also different types of specialty threads, over dyed threads, metallics, cords, and braids. Let's explore!

kreinik Kreinik makes some of the most beautiful metallic threads you will ever find i the embroidery world, and they make a large variety of them!
These metallic threads can be used to add sparkle and pizazz to just about any cross stitch project

  • Kreinik #4 Very Fine Metallic Braid (most commonly used)
  • Kreinik Blending Filiments
  • Kreinik Vintage Blending Filiments (for an heirloom look)
  • Kreinik Glow in the Dark Threads (loads of fun to stitch with!)
  • Kreinik #8 Fine Braid
  • Kreinik Cable and Kreinik Cord

weeks dye works  Weeks Dye Works (WDW) threads are hand over dyed threads that are commonly used by designers in a variety of different cross stitch project styles. Using these type of over dyed threads gives your project a whole new depth.

Here are just a few of the colors from the Weeks Dye Works Collection
grape ice weeks dye works wdw

Gentle Art Sampler Thread GAST The Gentle Art Sampler Threads are also very commonly used by cross stitch designers. You’ll find these hand dyed cotton threads in a variety of projects. Not surprisingly they're great for vintage style sampler cross stitch patterns.

Here are just a few of the colors from the Gentle Art Sampler Thread collection

crescent colors over dyed cotton and silksCrescent Colours makes over dyed thread in both standard cotton floss and in silk embroidery thread. Silks are a treat to use any time, but having them in over dyed varieties is even more fun. I encourage you to try them.

Here are just a few of the colors you’ll find available from Crescent Colours

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Get the 27 color embroidery floss collection from DMC. I love this pack so much I bought two of them!
dmc limited edition pack

Kreinik Pearl Blending Filiment
kreinik pearl blending filament
One of the most commonly used blending filament colors from Kreinik threads. Add a strand of this filament to any color embroidery floss for extra sparkle in your cross stitch project.

Noel Weeks Dye Works Floss
weeks dye works WDW over dyed embroidery floss in Noel
This holiday themed over dyed thread would be great for stitching some cross stitch ornaments to give as gifts this year.


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