Fabric Calculator

Calculate the correct size of your cross stitch fabric for your project here:

Calculator for Evenweave, Linen, or Aida Fabric for Cross Stitch

What are the stitch count dimensions?  ( look on back of package or chart ) stitches wide

stitches high
How much extra fabric do you want on each side for framing and finishing of the cross stitch piece? inches
What count is the evenweave, linen, or aida fabric? threads per inch
How many threads will each stitch, or X, cover? (stitching over 1, over 2, etc…*note enter 1 if using aida) threads
The fabric should be


inches wide by
inches high
(measurement will be rounded up to an even inch)


iPhone and Android Apps to Calculate Fabric Size

for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad or iPod)
for Android devices(usually a phone or tablet)

Also Available for Kindle Devices

With special thanks to the team at Goatella for collaborating to create this app and getting it to the marketplace! They did a fantastic job and I highly recommend them if you’re looking for app creation.

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