Need Some Graph Paper to Rechart or Chart a Cross Stitch Pattern?


Sometimes you just need to rechart the date on something, or maybe you want to use a different color or add small detail like your name to a piece, or maybe you want to chart a small motif for a custom piece - you need a sheet of graph paper or some … [Continue reading]

The Cirque des Cercles Finish You Simply Must See!

angled view of Cirque de Cercles design stitched in BEADS by Sheila C.

(photos and finished piece belong to Sheila C., she was kind enough to let me share them here) I've probably said it a million times, every time I see a Cirque des Cercles finish it looks stunning and unique from every other time I've seen it … [Continue reading]

Nevermore Biscornu by Cloudsfactory is Chart of the Week

Nevermore biscornu by cloudsfactory on Etsy

I was browsing around on Etsy over the weekend (as I often do) and this design caught my eye ~ Nevermore biscornu by cloudsfactory Now, I have to say that I've never made a biscornu before... but I think it's time I get in the groove and give it a … [Continue reading]

Newsletter Returning April 1st

Hello stitchy friends :) I want to thank everyone for the kind notes and your infinite patience. The year got off to a rocky start here (flu, snow, lots of work to do, unexpected expenses, more flu, injured toes, extra orthodontist visits, bacterial … [Continue reading]

Cross Stitch Tails … and we’re not talking stories here …

tails via ebay

Recently a customer called me and needed more thread for a kit she had purchased.  She had run out of one color and was only half way done with the area.  WHAT?  How could that be?  I looked at my notes and I had another customer with the same … [Continue reading]

Looking to Add New Contributors

I love having guests stop by to share their knowledge and ideas with us here on the blog. We have some really amazing contributors already, but there's always room for fresh new perspective. This year I would really like to expand and have some folks … [Continue reading]

Cats With Thumbs Can Cross Stitch

They can also steal your milk. But hello, they can cross stitch. Keep an eye on the needleworking cat in this Cravendale Milk commercial... Happy Stitching! … [Continue reading]

2014 Ornament Club Decision


As much as I have enjoyed putting together the Ornament Club the last two years, I've decided that this year we're not going to have the annual subscription. The truth of the matter is that it's time consuming for me and I'm not 100% confident that I … [Continue reading]

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