Stitching Bloggers #19: Your Favorite Holiday Decoration

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Welcome back to a fresh new edition of the blog hop! We’re on our new schedule of hopping once a month on the 15th. The blog hop widget for round #18 has been closed and this month’s widget will be open for you to add your link until January 15th. That gives everyone plenty of time to participate and visit the other players in the hop. Let’s get to it…

The blogging prompt for hop #19 is:

What’s your favorite holiday decoration? (it can be stitched or not stitched) Share a picture if you have one!

How to Participate:

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September Ornament Club Pattern

In September we decorated a few gingerbread men with the kids ;)

gingerbread man a gingerbreadB gingerbreadC gingerbreadD

Order September 2013 Ornament PatternWhen you purchase this pattern you receive the charting for all four of these gingerbread men that you can change, alter, and decorate however you’d like. Add some of your favorite embellishments or beads and he’ll be as unique as a snowflake.
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August Ornament Club Pattern

August Ornament PreviewThe best way to celebrate any holiday is simply with love and kindness to each other.

A simple and fun ornament to stitch and one of my favorites this year. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. If you missed out ornament club registration, you can purchase the chart individually here for $2.75.

order August ornament pattern

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July Ornament Club Pattern

JulyOrnamentPreviewJuly’s Ornament Club Pattern comes with a speckle of Irish ;) Simple ornament with a knotwork accent in two versions,

Beannachtaí na Féile = Happy Holidays / Greetings of the Festival
(stitch count 73w x 51h)

JulyOrnamentAlternateVersionNollaig Shona= Merry Christmas (stitch count 73w x 39h)

As always, if you missed out on the ornament club you can purchase this chart individually right here for $2.75.

order July ornament for $2.75

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Janlynn Owl Cross Stitch Ornaments: Creepy or Cute?

JanlynnOwlOrnamentsI am always on the lookout for owls to stitch up, and having a set of owl ornaments sounded promising. But two of these owls sort of creep me out with their eyes…

For the most part I really like Janlynn ornament kits, they have all sorts of cute groupings. And I really like owl designs to stitch. But for some reason I can’t fall in love with this set… those two owls are giving me the stink eye. Maybe I’ll just stitch the other four and skip those two?

Seriously… I’m not going to say which ones. You tell me what you think. Maybe I’m just seeing things where there aren’t things to see.
What do you think; creepy or cute?

The full Janlynn Owl Ornament Kit is available at a great price on Amazon.

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