Happy 2014 Free Band Sampler Pattern

Happy 2014 Band Sampler Preview

I thought the best way to start off the new year here on the blog would be with a free pattern for everyone to enjoy :) Just pick two colors, or grab some variegated threads, or use up your leftover flosses and use an assortment of colors. … [Continue reading]

A Difficult Decision About Ornament Club


I want to thank everyone who has participated in the Ornament Club for 2012 and 2013. As we head into 2014 I am faced with the decision of whether or not to continue the club in the new year. I'm leaning towards not having a club subscription in … [Continue reading]

Loretta’s Annual Report of Stitching for 2013

Finished Paisley Pumpkin

I think I did more stash shopping than I did stitching this year... oops. I had very little in the finished category this year... I finished my January Snowflake and I finished my Paisley Pumpkin I made some progress on My Token of … [Continue reading]

Hot Chocolate Cross Stitch Ornaments

Janlynn Hot Cocoa Ornament Cross Stitch Kit

Last week's chart of the week was also a Janlynn ornament set. I decided not to buy the owl ornaments when I saw these cute hot cocoa mug ornaments! Hot chocolate is kind of a big deal around here. The kids love hot chocolate nights, they get … [Continue reading]

My Favorite Holiday Ornaments


I'll get our blog hop kicked off with the first post. First, I'll confess that I don't do a lot of holiday decorating. My favorite part of decorating is putting up the tree, and the kids do 99% of the work on that. My job on decorating day is to make … [Continue reading]

Stitching Bloggers #19: Your Favorite Holiday Decoration


Welcome back to a fresh new edition of the blog hop! We're on our new schedule of hopping once a month on the 15th. The blog hop widget for round #18 has been closed and this month's widget will be open for you to add your link until January 15th. … [Continue reading]

September Ornament Club Pattern


In September we decorated a few gingerbread men with the kids ;) When you purchase this pattern on Craftsy you receive the charting for all four of these gingerbread men that you can change, alter, and decorate however you'd like. Add some … [Continue reading]

August Ornament Club Pattern

August Ornament Preview

The best way to celebrate any holiday is simply with love and kindness to each other. A simple and fun ornament to stitch and one of my favorites this year. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. If you missed out ornament club registration, you … [Continue reading]

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