Threads of Joy is Chart of the Week

Threads of Joy Cross Stitch Pattern by Ursula Michael Designs

Threads of Joy by Ursula Michael Designs caught my attention this morning because I enjoy quilt designs, I don't have the space here to really get into my quilting so I haven't touched it in a few years. But this design held my attention because … [Continue reading]

Stitching in Epic Proportions

  A few months ago, when I first started guest blogging here, I talked about how I prefer to stitch smaller projects.  It's mostly because they don't take forever to finish and also are less expensive to finish.  But occasionally, one has to … [Continue reading]

Brushstroke Butterfly Shared by Timothy J on Facebook


I love it when Brushstroke Butterfly finishes come in for the gallery, they're all unique and so much fun to see. … [Continue reading]

Finally, Some Stitching Time!

third round of stitching on my token of love

I cannot tell you how badly I really needed to just have some nice quiet stitching time. I finally had some this week. Not a lot of progress, but managed to get a little bit done on My Token of Love. This was taken with my phone last night, so it's … [Continue reading]

Sunflower Sam is Chart of the Week!

Sunflower Sam Cross Stitch Pattern designed by The Sunflower Seed

Honestly, everyone in my house is ready for summer break and we still have a few weeks of school left to go. I'm trying to think warm sunshiney thoughts over here today and Sunflower Sam caught my eye. He's ready to go for summer fun and 4th of July … [Continue reading]

Merry & Bright Stitched by Shaunterria


One of the things that I enjoy most about doing the Ornament Club is seeing how everyone finishes their ornaments and what fabrics they use. This is Shaunterria's finished Merry & Bright (February's Ornament) Happy Stitching! :) … [Continue reading]

May The Force Be With You is Chart of the Week!

May the Force Be With You - Star Wars Cross Stitch Pattern by Cody Country Crossstitch and Crafts

This weekend my family happily wished everyone a happy "May the 4th be with you" and celebrated Free Comic Book Day! And then to top off a weekend of geeky goodness, my husband took the boys to see Iron Man 3 Sunday morning. It was possibly the … [Continue reading]

Keeping Calm and Crossing My Stitches…

Keep Calm and Cross Your Stitches

April has been a little bit stressful and very busy. I haven't had as much time to stitch as I'd like, but I just keep telling myself... I hope you're having a great week and I hope this made you smile just a little bit today :) … [Continue reading]

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